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016ec2_3952820f5a954677b6067ada1a2ce327We kick off 2016 with Ryan Corey, founder of, a game-changing, cyber and IT security hub that provides online training to individuals and businesses alike. Learn how Ryan combined sales, marketing, B2B and SEO strategies to create a “side project” that sold for six-figures. Ryan also shares how he has applied lessons learned from past successes and failures to make Cybrary the cutting edge leader in cyber and IT security education.

Successes at a glance:

  • Founded as a “side project;” providing an information hub to find local contractors.  Sold the site for six-figures in 2008.
  • Founded Cybrary after recognizing an immediate market need for cyber security and It education.  Grew the site to 250k+ users and it continues to grow by 1500 / day.  Recently went through a round of seed funding.

How Ryan gets inspired to conquer the day:

  • Early to rise, motivated by the excitement of current projects and a work ethic gained from his grandfather and parents.  Mindset to find a different path to success.

Setback or failure that led to pivot and shift:

  • Following the success of, Ryan started a company called salesrepmarketing; an online service to market sales reps and drive leads through content provided by thought leaders.  Four-to-six months in, Ryan discovered the business had no traction and the buyers weren’t there.  Ryan learned how to post-mortem the start-up failure: extracting lessons on product life cycle, the difficulties of educating a market and customer development.  All of these have contributed to his current success with Cybrary.

Knowledge Bursts:

Ryan’s Advice for you to Move Forward:

  • Start with the free resources (Google) and dig really deep into the subject and make sure you absolutely love it before you dedicate resources to pursue it further.

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