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The moving forward writing series

A collection of interviews with authors across different genres, backgrounds and parts of the world. Each conversation will give you insights into their best practices, writing tips, and having the right motivation and mindset.

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Move forward with your writing

Below, you'll find the episodes that focus on building your skills as a writer. I've spoken with some talented authors across many genres and backgrounds who share some of their best practices and tips on getting started, staying the course, and seeing your book to publication.

2022 Writing series (#writingseries, #writingcommunity)

MF 372 : Writing series: Don O'Connor ("Failing Spectacularly")

MF 373 : Writing series: Suzanne Brown ("Mompowerment" book series)

MF 374 : Writing series: Sheila Young ("MAC" book series)

MF 375 : Writing series: Nicola Lowe ("Kiss" book series)

MF 376 : Writing series: Aaron Bossig

MF 377 : Writing series: Rich Perry ("Bankroll Your Mind")

MF 378 : Writing series: Fred Brandon ("Adopting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency")

MF 379 : Writing series: Deborah Gilboa, MD ("Dr. G") ("From Stressed to Resilient")

MF 380 : Writing series: Helen Aitchison ("The Dinner Club")

MF 381 : Writing series: Megan Prikhodko ("Leap")

MF 382 : Writing series : Cleve Mesidor ("The Clevolution")

MF 383 : Writing series: Irene Wen

MF 384 : Writing series: Dr. Lori Shemek ("How to Fight FATflammation")

MF 385 : Writing series: Recap and wrap-up (part 1)

MF 386 : Writing series: Recap and wrap-up (part 2)

Other conversations with writers

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