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Writing a book

Updated: Apr 27

Book writing mini-series

[Note: the books that I previously co-wrote are permanently out-of-print. I have revoked my story with full preservation and reservation of my copyright from those books and have dissolved all ties with my former co-writer. I will eventually rewrite and re-publish my story in a brand new book, which will serve as the official account of my time as an actor.

The book writing mini-series was recorded in 2019 and will remain on the podcast for purely educational purposes since the information contained within is still relevant in understanding how to self-publish a book. To minimize confusion, the episodes have been edited, removing references to titles and release dates. Each episode also contains a pre-roll disclaimer.

Finally, although not a formal part of this series, it is recommended that you start with episode 388 to understand the reasons behind my decisions, and to educate new writers on the potential pitfalls of co-writing a book.]

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