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The Poshmark mini-series roadmap

Updated: Feb 10

Episodes 202 to 221 covers our Poshmark journey, breaking down everything from where we started to how we started gaining traction and sales on the platform.

Our backstory and struggles finding the right online platform

MF 202 : Starting a business online: platform overwhelm

Getting started with the basics on Poshmark

MF 203 : Getting started on Poshmark

Understanding what Poshmark is

MF 204 : Why Poshmark isn’t just a sales platform

Creating listings that will stand out

MF 205 : How to create listings on Poshmark that will get noticed

Poshmark safety basics

MF 206 : An important Poshmark safety tip for first-time sellers

Understanding how transactions work on Poshmark

MF 207 : How transactions work on Poshmark

Best practices for smooth sales transactions

MF 208 : Best practices for smooth sales transactions on Poshmark

Common interactions with your Poshmark listings

MF 209 : Common interactions with your Poshmark listings

Sales and Poshmark parties

MF 210 : How to run sales on Poshmark and understanding the ins and outs of Posh parties

Poshmark marketing and inventory management

MF 211 : Poshmark marketing and inventory management hack plus a great tool for signage

Pricing your listings on Poshmark

MF 212 : The art of pricing items for sale on Poshmark

Negotiating offers on Poshmark

MF 213 : Negotiating on Poshmark: know when to accept, counter or decline

The Poshmark ambassador program

MF 214 : What the heck is a Poshmark ambassador?

Styling customers on Poshmark

MF 215 : “Styling” on Poshmark to engage with potential customers

Working with a partner on Poshmark

MF 216 : Working with a business partner on Poshmark

Poshmark marketing with your photos

MF 217 : The killer Poshmark marketing tactic that I found by accident

Administrative tools on Poshmark

MF 218 : Administrative tools on Poshmark and keeping your house in order

Procedures for selling items over $500 on Poshmark

MF 219 : Hitting our 100th sale on Poshmark and procedures for items over $500

Managing your time on Poshmark

MF 220 : Managing your time with a Poshmark business

Poshmark series wrap-up

MF 221 : Poshmark series wrap-up
MF 309 : Updates on Poshmark: interface, stories and packing slips
MF 310 : Updates on Poshmark: party strategies and negotiation best practices

Poshmark Worksheet

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