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The Poshmark mini-series roadmap

Updated: May 18

Moving Forward is also available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

Episodes 202 - 221, 309 - 310, 330, 334 cover our Poshmark journey, breaking down everything from where we started to how we started gaining traction and sales on the platform. Episodes 353 - 357, 369-371, 401-404, 415 cover updates and enhancements to the Poshmark platform. Episodes 393 and 414 cover my book, The Poshmark Guide for Individuals and Small Businesses.

The Poshmark Guide -and- The Poshmark Seller Journal


  • Black titles summarize the topic covered.

  • Green links will take you to individual blog posts with detailed explanations and overviews, including radio players of the individual episodes.

I. Poshmark 101

Our backstory and struggles finding the right online platform

Getting started with the basics on Poshmark

Understanding what Poshmark is

Creating listings that will stand out

Poshmark safety basics

Understanding how transactions work on Poshmark

Best practices for smooth sales transactions

Common interactions with your Poshmark listings

Sales and Poshmark parties

Poshmark marketing and inventory management

Pricing your listings on Poshmark

Negotiating offers on Poshmark

The Poshmark ambassador program

Styling customers on Poshmark

Working with a partner on Poshmark

Poshmark marketing with your photos

Administrative tools on Poshmark

Procedures for selling items over $500 on Poshmark

Managing your time on Poshmark

Poshmark series wrap-up (2019)

II. Poshmark Updates

Updates on Poshmark: interface, stories and packing slips

Updates on Poshmark: party strategies and negotiation best practices

A look at the new video listings feature on Poshmark

Adding shipping discounts to listings

Style tags and shipping hacks

  • MF 336: Style tags and shipping hacks on Poshmark

Bulk sharing on Poshmark

More on bulk actions and a great Poshmark case study

Secret Poshmark marketing and time saving hacks

How dispute resolution works on Poshmark (and a quality assurance tip)

A wishlist of 5 features I'd like to see on Poshmark

Poshmark update: My Closet Insights

Poshmark update: My Shoppers

Poshmark update: Today's Trends

Poshmark update: Select All

Poshmark update: Match Buyer's Offer

Poshmark update: QR shipping code, Poshmark live (beta), enhancements to shipping and photos

Poshmark update: changes to Ambassador II, promoted closet (beta), enhancements to Poshmark live

Poshmark update: back to basics

III. Poshmark seller interview and book launch

A conversation with Ashley Waters Gordon: med student, mom of six kids, and Poshmark Ambassador

Celebrating the publication of my books on Poshmark

IV. Additional resources on Poshmark

Bemovingforward Getting Started on Poshmark Checklist
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