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MF 442 : October 2023 updates

Updated: Oct 12

Today, I share some updates on the second session of my writing course, Poshmark, the podcast and a tech tip for Zoom. More at

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October updates

Welcome new listeners!

If you're new to the podcast, check out the updated trailer (episode 000), which will give you a roadmap for the show that will allow you to pick and choose episodes for your moving forward journey. There are topical collections, stand alone solo episodes, and conversations with select guests that are invited to be on the program.

2023 summer movie series

I had a great time doing the third annual summer movie series. I find these episodes are a great way to take a break from the regular content I share during the winter, spring and fall, without taking a break from the podcast itself. You can find these episodes on the 2023 summer movie series collection, also available on the miniseries page.

Writing course

If writing a book is one of your "bucket list" goals, join me starting Thursday November 2nd for the start of my next writing class through The Johns Hopkins Odyssey program. The class will run for six weeks, every Thursday (excluding Thanksgiving week), and will cover everything from ideation to developing a realistic writing schedule to editing and self-publishing your book. The course is online and open to all with discounts for JHU alum and employees. Space is already filling up so save your spot now!


As I'm on episode 442, and looking ahead, I'll be wrapping season 10 around mid-December. I have one more miniseries that I'll be starting in the next week or so that should take us into mid-to-late November with this year's holiday episode serving as the season finale. Unlike my other miniseries, this one will be more on the personal development side as it will cover something I've struggled with for years that I'm finally getting a handle on. I'm excited to cover this topic and help you move forward with tips, best practices, and resources if you've experienced a similar challenge. Stay tuned for this miniseries, coming soon.


On episode 427, I shared some features I'd like to see on Poshmark. Today, I'd like to add one that relates to items that are over $500. As I've discussed on the Poshmark series and in my book, those items are specially categorized as high-end. Once purchased, they are sent to a Poshmark facility for an "authentication" process to ensure the item is as described and otherwise authentic. When we first started selling wedding gowns, authentication would add an additional 4-7 days to the process; meaning from ship to customer receipt would take about a week or a week and a few days. Today, authentication can take up to two weeks or longer. While this doesn't present an issue for someone who buys an expensive garment they don't need right away, we've had a few customers who have bought last minute wedding gowns that they need immediately. These scenarios put us in an awkward situation that is largely out of our control. While customers sometimes ask about the time-frame before they purchase a gown, and we can provide a rough estimate, it's not feasible for us to do so every time a customer orders a $500+ garment. Thus, my solution, which I sent to Poshmark, is to have a prompt appear before a customer tenders an offer that's $500+ or buys a $500+ item at full price. The prompt could notify the would be buyer than authentication may add an additional two or three weeks (or more) to the process. This way, a customer could make an informed decision.

On the flipside, and as discussed on episode 427, when it comes to lower priced items that a customer needs right away such as a bridesmaid dress, the three hour grace period during for full purchase price items, also puts us in awkward position if that same customer asks that we ship right away. While not an issue for early morning or mid-afternoon orders, the three hour hold period can add an extra day or two to delivery if a customer purchases late on a Friday afternoon. Even with an after hours drop off option, a pre-5 pm shipping time is preferable since items dropped off after closing may not be sent to a USPS distribution center until the following day. For these scenarios, I recommend Poshmark either lower the grace period to 15-to-30 minutes (which is usually the window in which a customer will cancel a mistaken order from our experience), or allow us to send a prompt asking a buyer to waive the three hour grace period if they request immediate shipment.

For more on Poshmark, check out these resources:

Tech tip: Zoom best practice

If you're teaching a class on Zoom (or any online platform), doing a lecture or presentation, and you need to record it, have a slide at the front of your deck with a reminder to hit the "record" button. This will serve a dual purpose of reminding you to record your session while disclosing it to those attending.

Have a great week and I'll be back next Thursday.

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