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MF 441 : Inspiring individuals: Cali Rossen

Updated: Oct 12

Today, artist, actress, writer and producer, Cali Rossen, returns to share her new endeavor and how it's helped her move forward. More at

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Cali Rossen

The sound of a new beginning

I've known Cali Rossen for close to two decades. We first met in outer space. Well, actually, a small town in upstate New York, at an old building that was disguised as a famous starship flying through outer space, to be exact. From those early days, I could see that Cali's immense creativity and talent was matched by a rare kindness and empathy she exhibited to those around her.

"I am a soul-preneur and what that means is I am an artist, and I'm a healer of sorts. I do neurolinguistic programing to timeline therapy, and most importantly, I'm a sound healer." -Cali Rossen

Today, Cali's "resume" for lack of a better word has grown substantially. She is an accomplished actress, filmmaker, artist, singer-songwriter, best selling author, podcaster, and more recently, a professionally trained sound healer. And before I forget, and as you'll learn on this episode, she's also a dental hygienist. Oddly, of all the titles she holds, this is the one I forget the most. Perhaps it's because it seems a bit quotidian compared to all the other talents and skills she possesses. And yet, as Cali shares in a bit of fun trivia, it's significant to today's episode number: 441.

But today, we focus on Cali's passion for sound healing. As I listened to her speak, I realized that this is more than a fitting endeavor as Cali's voice has always had a calming effect. Oddly, in the nearly 17 years since I've known her, and though she previously guested on this show, I never had a chance to speak with her about her moving forward journey until now.

Sacred frequencies: an art and a healing practice

I admit I was not familiar with the practice of quantum sound healing before speaking with Cali and perhaps this is new to you as well. However, I've discovered that she is not only a great artist but a wonderful teacher, and today's conversation is as much an education into this healing art as it is the story of an individual's journey towards a unique calling.

"Sound healing is one of the most ancient forms of healing. It's been around since the beginning of time with drumming, and chanting; because ultimately I have discovered our voice is the most powerful instrument in the world." -Cali Rossen

Cali explains that sound healing utilizes certain frequencies channeled through special crystal tone bowls to facilitate an immersive sound bath. These frequencies are sacred because they promote healing through relaxation, which may take the form of meditation, better sleep, and the release of stress and negativity.

As you listen to Cali speak, it's almost as if she found her own sacred frequency. Her story started in California, and continues to unfold in her more recent home far across the country; in the New England area. That a dynamic artist with a kind, generous soul became a sound healer is more than poetic; it tracks with Cali's colorful and creative life.

Broadcasting a big heart

Cali isn't simply on a new career or vocation. She's heeded a calling and wants to share her knowledge and mastery of this art with as many people as possible. To that end, she is producing a new television program that will air on a local station and on Youtube, starting next month. The platform, which combines traditional and digital media, will enable her to expand her reach in educating and healing.

Finally, Cali shares this bit of wisdom for anyone feeling stuck.

"If anything you're thinking is something you don't want to be true, you have the gumption to step back and change that conversation and write it down, write down this new conversation to 'it's possible, I can do it, I'm loved, I'm loveable, I'm grateful.'" -Cali Rossen

Cali's words aren't just for those living through hard times, but emanates from a voice that has experienced its own share of ups and downs. To know Cali is to know a resilient woman with a tremendous heart of gold that emits a sacred frequency of its own.

For more on Cali's story and practice, check out MF 441.

Watch the video of episode 441 (available on the Spotify app).

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