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MF 434 : Summer movie series: DAVE (1993)

Today, on this week's summer movie series, a classic comedy with a great ensemble cast set within a surprisingly sophisticated and intricate plot: DAVE (1993). More at

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[Note: the summer movie series episodes will air on Fridays.]

DAVE (1993)

Dave Kovic (Kevin Kline) is a part-time actor, owner of a fledgling employment agency, and bears a striking resemblance to the US president, William Mitchell (also played by Kline). Dave is hired by the White House Communications Director Alan Reed (Kevin Duane) and The White House Chief of Staff Bob Alexander (Frank Langella) to act as a stand in during an event while the president is having an affair with a staffer (Laura Linney). After suffering a massive stroke, Dave’s "job" gets extended with him having to fill in for the president as part of a plot by Alexander to undermine the VP, and eventually take over. A funny, outlandish comedy with a surprisingly sophisticated plot with solid performances by a top notch cast.

The good:

  • Feel good Capraesque movie with a surprisingly intricate and sophisticated plot.

  • Wonder performances by an eclectic cast made up of film and television veterans, especially by Charles Grodin as Dave's neurotic CPA.

  • Beautiful score by the underrated James Newton Howard.

  • The film Makes effective use of cameos and DC landmarks.

  • Touching subplot involving Dave and Ellen.

The bad:

  • Some may find the plot too outlandish.

  • VP character is not well developed and Ben Kingsley is underutilized.


  • *** 1/2 (out of five)

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