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MF 433 : Summer movie series: Contact (1997)

This week on the movie series: Contact (1997), a compelling sci-fi drama that blends real life events with a fictional story about an ambitious SETI scientist who picks up on a long distance radio signal that's either from an alien intelligence or a giant hoax. More at

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[Note: the summer movie series episodes will air on Fridays.]

Contact (1997)

Young Eleanor “Ellie” Arroway (Jodie Foster) loses her father (David Morse) who inspired her to look to the stars. Ellie later grows up to be a SETI scientist and discovers a radio signal that seems to emanate from an alien intelligence containing instructions on how to build a transport device. World governments, scientists, billionaires, and other players get entangled within a complex web that is either the biggest discovery of mankind or a gigantic hoax.

The good:

  • Wonderful performances from a stellar cast.

  • Incredible use of news footage and CG effects that enhance an already compelling story.

  • Suspenseful intelligent story that expects its audience to keep and leaves you with interesting questions to ponder.

The bad:

  • Crowded cast with some of the characters not getting enough development, particularly the Palmer Joss character (Matthew McConaughey).

  • The build up is more exciting than the pay off. Story would have been better served leaving it all a myster.


  • **** (out of five)

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