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MF 425 : Poshmark update: ambassador II, promoted closet (beta), enhancements to Posh Live, more

Updated: May 18

Today, I revisit Poshmark with a look at some new features, including ambassador II updates, promoted closet beta test, and new features to Posh live shows. More at

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Poshmark updates

Ambassador II changes

Poshmark recently announced changes to its Ambassador II program, which was rolled out about a year and a half ago. For an overview of what a "Poshmark ambassador" is, check out MF 214. Unliked Ambassador I, II isn't a static set of benchmarks to achieve but a continuing set that has changed since its release.

As of April, Ambassador II requires achieving four out five of the following criteria:

  • 5000 community shares.

  • 365 new listings.

  • 50 sales.

  • 4.7+ average seller rating.

  • <3 days ship time.

You can learn more at Poshmark's blog. The criteria and the time period in which sellers must achieve the goals to maintain their II status does change so I recommend checking the blog or the criteria on the app from time-to-time. For new sellers, Ambassador I and II are a great spot check on your progress but don't make it the end all, be all. Don't make becoming an ambassador a goal but rather, see the criteria as an odometer based on the work you put into it. As I talk about on MF 214, it's a nice to have but not required to be a successful seller on the platform.

Promoted closet (beta)

Currently, Poshmark is testing out a new feature called "promoted closet (beta)." The feature allows sellers to promote select listings more broadly on the platform. The beta group is limited right now to Ambassador II's but if it's popular, like Posh Live, we may see this become a permanent addition to the platform.

My guess is that this will open the door to paid sponsored ads (and an ancillary revenue for Poshmark) that is a standard on most social media platforms. To learn more about promoted closet (beta), check out Poshmark's blog.

Posh Live

Last year, Poshmark beta tested Poshmark Live, in which sellers could do live streams, chat with attendees and promote listings for auction. Poshmark Live is now a regular part of the platform and I've seen an increasing number of sellers use this feature to enhance their reach and close more sales. Recently, Poshmark added some enhancements to Live, which I'll cover briefly before.

Enhancements to Posh Live

  • Polls: sellers can now poll their attendees.

  • Chat clear: sellers can now clear chat windows.

  • Popular shows: Poshers can now see which shows are popular or trending.

  • Add show tags: Poshers can add "tags" to their shows to better categorize them by theme or item type.

  • Share to IG: Poshers can cross-promote their shows by sharing to Instagram.

  • Add preview videos: Poshers can create and post 15 second videos to promote or preview their shows.

  • Share other shows: Poshers that host live shows can share other shows from other Poshers to their attendees.

Live show types

Currently, Posh Live shows come in two varieties:

  1. Live: this is the most popular format: an interactive live stream video showcasing the face of the Poshmark seller who interacts directly with attendees via chats, promotes listings by auction, and ships out orders resulting from closed sales post-live.

  2. Silent: this format doesn't use video but rather showcases listings, and focuses more on the chat feature for attendee engagement.

Sell Together

Recently, Poshmark added a collaboration feature to Lives. Hosts can now feature other sellers' listings in their shows and auction items from their closets.

To activate "sell together:"

  1. Create your show.

  2. Tap the three dots ***.

  3. Select Accept Shared Listings to turn on the feature.

Once activated, your show will display in the "Sell Together: Accepting Shared Listings" area of the All Posh Shows page. This will allow other sellers to find your show.

The idea behind "sell together" is to further bridge connections between Poshers and to cross-promote listings to close more sales. To learn more about "sell together," check out Poshmark's blog.

As noted on this week's episode, I have yet to try Live. I recommend for newer sellers, that you focus on building your inventory and the fundamentals of list creation, sharing (at large and at parties), and customer service. Once you have some sales under your belt, you may want to give Live a try.

Currently, the Live feature requires permission to access this feature. For more, check out the Poshmark Live hub.

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