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MF 421 : April 2023 updates (ebook project, Poshmark update, tech tip, and coaching)

Updated: Apr 8

Today, I cover updates on several areas including a new ebook project, a follow-up to a Poshmark update I covered on episode 415, and a tech tip of the week. I also share information on my coaching service, which is available through Clarity. More at

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April updates

eBook project

Over the past few weeks, I've been working with my dad to create additional content out of his sewing and fashion-design tutorials from his popular YouTube channel. Specifically, we're creating short ebooks to offer his teachings to those who prefer the steps and instructions in written form. We just released his first one last week, based on his tutorial that demonstrates the professional way to sew or repair a coat button. You can check out the video for free and the ebook is available for sale on Amazon.

Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be creating more books based off of his video content.


Back on MF 415, I covered recent updates to Poshmark, including a one-touch confirmation that no longer requires individually checking off the three pre-confirmation tasks of 1) print label, 2) pack item, 3) ship. The three tasks are now simply itemized as a summary on your screen once you confirm a shipment. At the time, I didn't know whether the three-hour hold period still applied for full price purchases (see MF 357). I can confirm that it still does. While the confirmation is streamlined, sellers must still wait three hours before shipping and confirming full price purchases. I'm still hopeful that Poshmark will add a waiver for buyers to sellers to ship right away (see MF 357).


I continue to get guest pitches almost every week and this will serve as another reminder that since 2019, I no longer take pitches. Moving Forward is now a solo podcast with occasional conversations featuring guests that are invited to be on the podcast. As for what's coming up on this season, I will continue doing one-off and standalone episodes on various topics, update episodes to miniseries or collections, and I am planning on inviting one or two guests provided we can work out the scheduling. As we move closer to summer, I'm also looking forward to doing another season of the summer movies series.

Tech tip (try out ChatGPT 4 for free)

You're probably well aware of the advent of ChatGPT and the AI (artificial intelligence) tech behind it. ChatGPT responds to user prompts and can do a wide variety of tasks, drawing upon information that's on the web to present answers or output in a highly interactive way. While the current version of ChatGPT 4 is behind a paywall, you can try it out for free through Microsoft's Bing search engine. You can either download the Bing app to your mobile device or the Edge browser on your desktop. There was a waitlist to get access to Bing powered by ChatGPT 4 last month, so that may still be in effect. Otherwise, it's a free way to try out this new AI technology. I've tried it out a little (mostly to compose elaborate practical jokes on friends) o I don't have a fully formed opinion yet, nor do I have a sense of how much (or if) I will use this in my day-to-day.

Clarity coaching

As you know, I offer a lot of free information on my website on a variety of topics, including writing a book, launching a podcast, and more. You can check out the collections here. For those who need more personalized assistance or specific guidance, I offer coaching calls through Clarity.

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