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MF 420 : Ten simple hacks for moving forward

Updated: Mar 31

Today, I cover ten recent life and tech hacks that will keep you moving forward. More at

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[Note: Moving Forward will be off next week and will return with episode 421 on Thursday, April 6th or April 13th at the latest. Check the website for updates.]

10 Simple hacks for moving forward

  1. Writing hack: Talk it out first and record it, whether on a podcast or for your own sake, then write a summary.

  2. Gratitude journal hack: Write out five things everyday that you're grateful for. Use “I’m grateful for …” as a prompt which you can pre-fill out on paper or electronically. I started this practice after taking the science of well being ("happiness") course (see MF 399). Initially, I did this with a Word doc on my phone but find it’s more meaningful to use pen and paper.

  3. Files and folders hack: Use the date (and if applicable time) as a prefix for all file and folder names.

  4. Poshmark for busy people hack: Create standard replies and save on your phone's notes app that you can copy and paste to frequently asked questions or inquiries. Example: “Thank you for your inquiry or question, will get back to you by …” or “Thank you for your purchase …”

  5. Subscriptions hack: As soon as you sign up for a subscription, put the renewal or trial-end date on your calendar or create an alert with a 1-3 day reminder (or more if the subscription requires a certain period in advance to cancel) to remind you.

  6. Procrastination breaker hack: Create a reminder and have it repeat daily until you finish the task.

  7. Shortcuts (iPhone) hack: Use this tool to create workflows on your phone. Examples include opening an app or following a set of procedures. You can save the shortcut on your homescreen as a makeshift "app."

  8. Library hack: When you check out physical books, get a paper receipt with the due date and use as a bookmark. Shred or recycle once you return the book.

  9. Mobile device power hack: Turn off alerts or log off apps when not in use. This will help save power (and your sanity).

  10. Life (cooking) hack: When reheating pizza, instead of microwaving or using a conventional over, heat a non-stick frying or sauce pan on low-medium heat, put the pizza slices in without additional oils or water, heat for 3-4 minutes. Optional: put a foil cover over it to keep the heat radiating, which will make the crust crispy while reheating the cheese and toppings. For more on this, check out any number of tutorials on YouTube.

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