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MF 419 : March 2023 updates (Podcasting, Poshmark long game, Audio tech tip)

On this March update episode, I cover some changes to Anchor as a podcast hosting service, why selling on Poshmark is a "long game," and a tech tip for consuming audio content, including audiobooks and podcasts. More at

Moving Forward is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, iHeart, CastBox, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Anchor, and Audible.

Podcasting update: Anchor rebrand, chapters coming soon to podcasts

It seems I can't get away from podcasting about podcasting! Just as I completed two postscript episodes for the updated podcasting miniseries, Anchor underwent a couple of changes. First, it was rebranded to "Spotify for Podcasters." This is not surprising as the platform was acquired by Spotify several years ago.

The user-interface remains largely the same in terms of basic functionality save for the name and color change. However, Spotify has added some interesting tools for content creators, including for promos and marketing, enhanced analytics, and different ways to engage with listeners such as polls and a Q&A feature. You can read about these here.

As the podcasting miniseries is geared towards anyone wanting to start a show, I don't want to make it too Anchor focused as there are many great hosting services available to choose from. However, in light of the postscript episodes in which I talk about monetization and audience engagement, it's worth noting that Spotify will be developing more of these features for podcasters.

Finally, one upcoming enhancement that I'm excited about is that podcasters will be able to earmark chapters within episodes. This is a feature that has become prevalent on other platforms like YouTube. I'm not sure when this will roll out or if it has but it will provide a yet another way for content creators to engage with listeners that will enhance the listening experience.

For more on podcasting, check out these resources:

Poshmark: Seeing it as a long game

Speaking of audio content, I want to thank everyone who has purchased The Poshmark Guide, whether in Kindle, paperback, or the more recent audiobook edition. For those of you starting out on Poshmark, know that I'm rooting for your success. However, I also want you to be aware that the marketplace is more crowded than ever. It seems that every day, practically every hour, new sellers are popping up on the platform.

If there's one big picture lesson I want to impart it's to see Poshmark as a long game, especially if you don't have a big audience or social media following to tap into. Building momentum takes time. We've had occasions when we've sold listings right away and other times when it's taken weeks, months, or even a year for an item to move. Keep at it and keep active.

Don't just "list it and leave it"

As I've shared on the Poshmark miniseries, your listings are like digital pets from the 1990s. Or, if that reference escapes you, think of your listings as house plants. You can't just leave them. You have to water them, feed them, and expose them to sunlight. Sometimes, you may have to adjust their placement or position or repot them if they get too big. Similarly, your Poshmark listings require your time and attention for upkeep and basic maintenance. I've talked about the importance of sharing your listings to keep them SEO rejuvenated and you have other tools like video and stories to help you highlight them. Thankfully, this is less time consuming than taking care of a plant!

Revisit and re-evaluate

If you've been doing the upkeep but your listings still aren't getting any bites, you may want to take a closer look and re-evaluate them.

"Tune-up" your listings:

  • Consider lowering the price, adding a shipping discount, or running a sale.

  • Use My Shoppers to engage with interested Poshers (likers, bundlers, etc.).

  • Update your photos and / or add video if you don't already have one.

  • Update the copy and add or change the style tags.

Most of all, remember Poshmark is a long game. The more you list, the more you share and the more attention you put into your listings, and the more responsive you are to inquiries, the greater the momentum you'll build.

For more on Poshmark, check out the Poshmark miniseries and my book The Poshmark Guide for Individuals and Small Businesses (available in paperback, for Kindle, and Audible).

Tech tip: audio content consumption

As I've shared on prior episodes, audio content is a big part of my life and not just with producing a weekly podcast. I also listen to podcasts and in the past few years, have listened to a lot more audiobooks. As such, I've also discovered a wide range of narrator styles and speeds.

Recently, I started experimenting with the playback speed as I found some of the narrators or authors a little too slow for my taste. I quickly discovered that I could play audiobooks at 1.25 or 1.5 speed, which kept me better engaged.

If you consume a lot of audio content, try different speed settings with different authors, narrators, and podcasters. Even a slight adjustment can make a significant difference in your audio consumption experience.

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