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MF 418 : A wedding gift to the guests, an advanced Poshmark practice, and a library tech tip

Updated: Mar 11

Today, I share some an important reminder and life lessons from a recent wedding I attended. In the second half, I cover an advanced Poshmark best practice for selling high end items like wedding gowns and a library tech tip. More at

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A wedding gift for the guests

A week and a half I go I attended the wedding of a couple I've known for several years. I first met them through a mutual friend, a former b-school classmate of mine. Since then, they have been regulars at many get togethers, friendsgivings (in person and virtual) and so forth. They're rock solid and good people.

The ceremony was picture perfect with great food, warm atmosphere, and everyone there was genuinely happy to be part of this celebration. The end.

Not so fast.

If I ended the story there, it would be a forgettable, albeit sweet anecdote. The real story is what happened behind-the-scenes that led up to this union. The wedding was originally scheduled for October of last year but due to the pandemic throwing the hotel's renovation schedule off kilter it got moved to December. That alone would make for a harrowing tale but then it had to be moved yet again to February due to supply chain shortages affecting the catering.

If you had shown up and didn't know the backstory, you wouldn't have found any telltale signs from the actual wedding day (save for some subtle jokes from the best man and maid of honor speeches), which was on February 25th, 2023. There was only joy, laughter, happiness and a warm celebratory air to the evening.

This was a reminder of a lesson we've heard many times but often forget: we don't know is often the real story behind a happy event, especially the struggles,obstacles, hoops, and curveballs. That this couple handled it as well as they did, and I suspect better than most, is a testament to their fortitude and commitment to one another. They've already weathered a big storm before the honeymoon.

I believe everyone who attended, and had to go along with the bumpy reschedule ride (twice no less), got a great wedding gift that day. We weren't simply celebrating a couple's long awaited union. We got to witness the harrowing, suspenseful first chapters of this remarkable couple's story.

Poshmark and library tech tip of the week


One of the features I appreciate most about the platform is a simple one. It's the ability to list multiple size variations for one garment. Poshmark made this as simple and straight forward as choosing "multiple," selecting sizes (with a variety of size protocols to choose from), and quantity per size. As I've covered on the podcast and in my book, this was one of the biggest pain-points we experienced with other ecommerce platforms. The ability to list multiple size variations and quantities is a big reason Poshmark stands above other platforms when it comes to selling clothes, an important feature for a small retail business. Yet, as I discovered recently, there may be times when spotlighting a single item within a set may come in handy to provide great customer service.

A few weeks ago, a customer expressed interest in a particular wedding gown we had listed. We had around 4 or 5 sizes available. When you create one listing with multiple sizes, you use one of the item as a representative visual for the entire group. You then, use the "multiple" setting to list the different sizes. As this Posher was curious about a particular size and had a lot of questions about measurements, condition, etc, I decided to answer her questions visually rather than by text alone.

I created a separate listing of the specific size with new photos and added a video. I did this to show her exactly which item she would purchase and to give her a better look at the size she was interested in. Below are the steps:

  1. Edit the listing with the multiple variations.

  2. Remove (or reduce) the size in question to avoid double listing.

  3. Duplicate the listing by clicking "Copy Listing."

  4. This will create a second listing with all of the photos and details.

  5. Replace the photos with new ones of the specific item.

  6. Add video showcasing the 360 of the garment.

  7. Adjust the quantity to one and notate the size.

  8. Adjust or add any details in the copy.

  9. Create the listing.

  10. Tag the Posher or send via a bundle share.

These extra steps didn't take long and the Posher was very appreciative of the effort. I recommend going this extra mile for expensive or high end garments such as wedding gowns. Until virtual reality fitting rooms become a thing, this is about as close as you can get to replicating the in-person shopping experience. You don't have to do this with all garments but as the story in part one of today's episode illustrates, a wedding is a sacred life event. To that end, a wedding gown is more than just a dress. It's worth the extra time and effort to give the "red carpet" level of service to someone who is considering buying such an important garment from your store.

For more on Poshmark, check out the Poshmark miniseries and my book The Poshmark Guide for Individuals and Small Businesses (available in paperback, for Kindle, and Audible).

Library app

Last week, my library released a new mobile app that allows cardholders to reserve physical books, and other media for pickup, and keep abreast of current events, news and other happenings at the local branches. Prior to this, I used the website which I have book marked on my browser but the app works much better. I recommend you check with your library to see if they have a dedicated app or use external ones such as Libby, Hoopla, and Kanopy. Being connected digitally enables greater access to more resources and materials, which will enrich your library experience tremendously.

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