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MF 415 : February 2023 updates (Poshmark, Podcasting miniseries, Library tech tip)

Today, I cover several updates to Poshmark, the podcasting miniseries, and some hidden treasures available at your library plus ways to access them. More at

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February updates


Over the past several months, Poshmark has made a few enhancements to the platform worth mentioning.

One-touch shipping confirmation: In the past, sellers had to check off three boxes for each sale prior to confirming shipment:

  1. Pack item

  2. Print out label

  3. Drop off at USPS

Now, confirmation is a one-touch action with the three bullets summarized on a post-ship screen. Since this change came out after the publication of the paperback and Kindle version of The Poshmark Guide, I added a brief update note in the audiobook version.

My Shoppers: When My Shoppers was released last year, it was a sub-menu within My Seller Tools (for more on My Shoppers, see MF 370). Recently, Poshmark moved it out of My Seller Tools and placed it directly within the app's administrative tools section as a main menu option. As with one-touch confirmation, I added an update note in the audiobook version of The Poshmark Guide.

QR Ship code: Last year, Poshmark also introduced a QR ship code option (for more, see MF 403). Initially, you had to set it as a preference prior to using it on your next sale. Now, it is an option even if you're preset to printing out a mail label. However, as noted on MF 404, the QR code ship option requires you to have it scanned by someone at USPS and cannot be used at a USPS self-service kiosk.

Posh Live: Finally, Posh Live which started in beta last year appears to be a regular feature on Poshmark. For access, you have to contact Poshmark support. I have yet to try Live but have heard some positive feedback from one seller who is using it regularly. For more on Posh Live, check out MF 404.

This leads to a question I was recently asked by a couple of people, including my editor. Will you ever update The Poshmark Guide? Currently, my answer is no. I wrote the book with a balance towards covering the many features but also focusing on core themes and principles for success that are tried and true, no matter what bell or whistle is added in the future. Moreover, I use this podcast as a way to keep you up to date on new features. That said, who knows what will happen in the future. I may change my mind if there are radical additions or alterations to the platform and there is high demand for an updated edition or a new book altogether. For now, I'm content with the work I put into the book and using this podcast as a platform for updates.

Podcasting miniseries postscript

Last fall, I revisited podcasting and created an updated miniseries covering the big picture strategies and nuts and bolts to launching a podcast. One aspect that I meant to cover but didn't get around to was how to celebrate milestone episodes, holidays and other special occasions. If you launch a podcast, stick with it, and hit a milestone, you may want to acknowledge or celebrate it. Over the coming week(s), I'll share some best practice tips in an addendum episode(s) to the podcasting miniseries.

Libraries aren't just for books!

Finally, I want to share and reiterate a treasure trove of information, including books, magazines, newspaper, and videos that's available to you for free in your neighborhood and online. Your library isn't just a building to check out books. Libraries are learning hubs containing access to vast amounts of material in a variety of formats.

Recently, I discovered the Kanopy app which gives you access to thousands of movies, documentaries, and TV shows via your library card. In addition, and as covered previously, apps like Hoopla, Libby and Overdrive will give you access to tons of material for free through your library. I also encourage you to check out what your local library offers in terms of in-person resources; everything from free classes to lectures to assistance and counseling.

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