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MF 403 : Poshmark update: enhancements to photos, shipping, and more

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Today, I cover several small enhancements including the ability to rotate photos and a more streamlined shipping confirmation process, and preview some pending and upcoming changes. More at

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Level Up with Winnie Sun

On Friday, October 14th, I was a featured guest on Level Up with Winnie Sun to talk about my book, The Poshmark Guide for Individuals and Small Businesses, and how (plus why) we use Poshmark as an ecommerce solution for a small retail business. The replay is available on YouTube:

Enhancements to shipping, photos, sales

Streamlined shipping

Previously, when you shipped out a Poshmark sale, you would have to confirm three steps: 1) print shipping label, 2) pack the item, 3) take the item to the post office; each with a check box that you had to proactively check off prior to confirming shipment of the item (see MF 207 for more).

With the latest update, you no longer have to confirm each step. There's now a one-touch shipping confirmation on the app. The three steps still display but now as part of the confirmation.

What I don't know is if full price purchases still require a three-hour hold period prior to confirming. I'll update you once I find out.

Shipping comes into the 21st century

Speaking of shipping, Poshmark is currently rolling out an option that will allow you to take a sold item to the post office and display a QR code, which a USPS associate can scan to print out the shipping the label. The idea is that you can now ship without having to print out a label beforehand. This feature already exists with other seller platforms. To change your ship settings:

My Seller Tools > Ship Label Settings > QR code

Since this feature is currently rolling out, not all users have this yet.

What I don't know is whether the QR code will work with USPS self-serve kiosks. I'll update you once I find out.


A smaller enhancement allows sellers greater flexibility with photos. Currently, Poshmark allows sellers to post 16 photos per item, all in square format similar to Instagram. Now, you can rotate photos and squeeze the aspect ratio of rectangular photos to fit within a square frame (this will add black bars similar to a letterbox effect).

Bulk Listing Upload

For sellers that regularly upload new listings, Poshmark now allows select sellers (brand partners or those at Ambassador level) to bulk upload listings. Currently, this feature is only available on the web version of Poshmark. You can read more about it here.

Posh Live Shows

Finally, Poshmark is beta testing Live Shows, a feature in which sellers can stream live from their closets or retail location to showcase items they have for sale. This feature blends aspects of social media live streaming with ecommerce, making it a solo seller version of "The Home Shopping Network." Sessions last 30 minutes and they have an added auction aspect allowing shoppers to bid for items.

As of now, select sellers are invited to beta test the feature and buyers can access all of the live shows that are scheduled.

We were scheduled to attend a Live Show training to participate in the beta test but unfortunately the scheduling didn't work out. If you've tried Live Shows, either as buyer or seller, I would love to know your thoughts.

It's not clear whether Poshmark will greenlight this into a permanent feature. I'll update you once I find out.

For more on shipping, photos, and sales check out my book: The Poshmark Guide for Individuals and Small Businesses.

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