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MF 401 : Poshmark update: Select All (bulk share)

Today, we kick off a miniseries update on Poshmark. Over the next several episodes, I will cover the newest enhancements and features on the platform, starting today with the select all enhancement to bulk share. More at

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Poshmark update: Select All (bulk share)

Last year Poshmark released a big enhancement that made sharing more manageable and user friendly for sellers with large closets: bulk share (for more on this, check out episode 353). Bulk share enabled sellers to pre-select items to share to followers or at parties. Prior to this, sharing was a one-off per item activity, which meant that sharing 1000 items would take approximately 55 minutes. With bulk share, the time was cut by more than half. However, sellers would still have to check off items prior to using it. I said at the time that the feature was 90% perfect save for one missing aspect. The missing element, the remaining 10% to perfection, so to speak, was a "select all" button.

When bulk share came out, sellers, including yours truly, rejoiced while at the same time requesting a "select all" option. Flash forward to several months ago, just shy of one year of bulk share's release, and we got our wish: select all is now a part of bulk share.

You can see in the header photo of this write-up that it's perfectly placed at the upper-left corner as if it's always been there. It's so subtle that it's easy to miss. Let's go over it below.

  • Step 1: Bulk share as you normally would to your followers or to a party (check out episode 353 for a refresher on this feature). If sharing to a party, the list will automatically whittle down to your listings that fit the party theme.

  1. Best practice tip: Use the filter to narrow down to listings that are available for sale to eliminate items that are already sold or not available for purchase.

  2. Best practice tip: Temporarily shut off any phone auto-lock or sleep features to ensure that bulk share runs uninterrupted in the background.

Filters are your friend.

  • Step 2: Hit "Select All." This will select the first 40 listings.

  1. If you have more than 40 listings, scroll down to the bottom of your list. As you do so, other listings will automatically check off and add to your sharing queue.

  2. FYI with approximately 1000 listings, Select All + scrolling takes around 2-5 minutes.

  • Step 3: Hit "Share."

  • Step 4: Set your phone aside and let bulk share do its thing. Reminder: bulk sharing only works while you're in app. If you exit out of the app or if your phone locks or goes to sleep mode, bulk sharing will pause until you go back into the app.

  1. With 1000 listings, bulk share takes approximately 20-22 minutes.

  • Step 5: Once you finish bulk sharing your listings, go through your notifications.

  1. If you get offers or buys, check and respond to those first.

  2. Answer any inquiries or messages.

  3. Reciprocal share any shares from other Poshers.

  4. Follow other Poshers that follow you.

  5. With 1000 listings, this can take anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes.

Full party participation still takes time, but now more on the engagement end than the physical sharing. All in all, bulk sharing and select all have eliminated 20 or more minutes than bulk sharing alone, and 40 or more minutes compared to one-off sharing. You still have to allow the app to run through and share your items one at a time (at approximately 1.5 seconds per item) and then go back and engage with other Poshers. For us, this has cut down our party participation time from 1.5 hours to a compact 40-50 minutes.

For smaller closets, I still recommend one-off sharing since it doesn't take much time and you'll get more immediate engagement. Since bulk sharing is automated, I've noticed less immediate engagement than one-off sharing. However, for larger closets (500 or more), bulk sharing will save you time and IMO the sacrifice of more immediate engagement is well worth it for longer term SEO and listing refresh.

For more on sharing, parties, and winning Poshmark strategies check out my book: The Poshmark Guide for Individuals and Small Businesses.

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