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MF 390 : July updates (podcast, website, upcoming Poshmark book, and more!)

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Today, I cover some major updates to the podcast, website, my upcoming Poshmark book, and more. More at

Moving Forward is also available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

[The summer 2022 movie series kicks off next week, starting with MF 391, and will air on Fridays.]

July 2022 updates (I'm back!)

It's great to back and I have a lot to catch you up on but am going to be doing so in as a brief manner as possible. I'm still knee deep in other projects, including my upcoming Poshmark book, so the write-ups for the next month or two will be short and to the point.


Moving Forward is now on Anchor! I've migrated the podcast to this host service provider and will be talking more about this in the fall. The decision is part of a larger plan I've had in mind for a while but after careful deliberation, I decided to make this move now. The transition went very smoothly and I'm very pleased with Anchor's customer support, which guided me through each step along the way. I'll talk more about this on several future episodes, which will either be an update to the current podcast mini-series or a stand-alone series for 2022. For now, I'll share that moving to a new host provider also inspired me to go back and tweak some of the older episodes to make them more evergreen. Below are some of the updates, which I'll go into more detail this fall.

  • Edited out mentions to URLs on that are no longer current due to having migrated the website in late 2020 / early 2021.

  • Updating affiliate information, specifically the Audible trial.

  • Updating several episodes to be consistent with the overall brand and theme of the show.


As I updated the podcast, by association, I had to update the website. Since each blog has an embedded html radio player to its accompanying episode, with the migration to Anchor, I had to go back and update these write-ups: all 390+ of them! Moreover, since I was going back to the beginning, I decided to do a clean sweep and correct any formatting issues from when I moved the podcast site from WordPress to Wix. As I talk about on MF 325 that transition was 80-90%, with the content largely migrating over intact but with formatting quirks and broken internal links. I decided to clean up the legacy content and update those links.

As my goal is to provide as much useful information as possible, and as the website is an important part of the podcast, I'm glad I finally took the time to update the legacy content to bring it up to date.

Poshmark book

As I talk about on the mid-season finale (MF 388), another reason I took time away from the podcast was to finish the Poshmark book. As I'm writing this, I just ordered a proof copy of the paperback, which will arrive sometime next week. The paperback read through will be the final revision and edit stage before publishing. In the interim, I'll be working on the Kindle copy, which I plan to release around the same time. I will be announcing the official release date plus one more surprise announcement on an upcoming episode. For now, expect the book to be available mid-August (fingers crossed).

[August 2022 Update: the books are now out and available for purchase!]

Summer 2022 movie series

Starting next week, I'll be doing a short summer movie series, similar to last year's. These episodes will air on Friday and will be a fun break for me, and hopefully for you. As I'm still working on the book and other projects, the write-ups will be brief.

Also, I plan to air an episode or two related to the upcoming Poshmark book. These will air on the normal Thursday schedule and kept separate from the movie series episodes. The episode numbers will count sequentially but you'll be able to distinguish the episodes by its air day and title: all summer episodes will be titled with the "summer movie series" prompt and released on Fridays, whereas episodes related to the Poshmark book will fall under the "Poshmark update" header and air on Thursday(s).

I will conclude the movie series the first Friday of September and move back to the regular Thursday schedule, starting the week after Labor Day.

Check out the Moving Forward mini-series collection

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