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MF 370 : Poshmark update: My Shoppers

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Today, I take a look at the new "My Shoppers" feature for sellers under My Seller Tools on Poshmark. More at

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Poshmark update: My Shoppers

Today, we take a look at another customer-relationship-management (CRM) enhancement to Poshmark's My Seller Tools section: My Shoppers.

My Shoppers was added last year in addition to My Closet Insights, which we covered last week. My Shoppers allows you to get a holistic view of interactions with your closet listings. When you click on "My Shoppers" within My Seller Tools, you will see a curated list of every Poshmark user that has interacted with your listings.

A refresher on interactions

As a reminder, basic interactions are as follows:

  1. Bundles (hanger icon): this signifies that a user has put an item into a bundle. As I've discussed previously, this is one of the strongest signals that a user is potentially interested in buying the item.

  2. Comment (blurb icon): this signifies that a user has commented on an item. A comment can range from a compliment to a question about the item. It may also signal an invitation to negotiate. Be wary of comments that are spam, usually an invitation to transact outside of Poshmark.

  3. Likes (heart icon): this is the most common interaction, indicating that a user has liked your item. Likes signal a wide range from casual window shopping to a buy indicator. Likes allow you, as a seller, to offer specific sales.

For more on interactions, check out the Poshmark mini-series.

Scaling up your interactions to close more sales

With My Shoppers, you can now follow-up with potential buyers that have previously interacted with your listings. Use the indicators to determine what kind of follow-up is appropriate.

You can also use My Shoppers to get a quick view on engagement by user and item. You may discover that certain items garner strong interest and thus, you may want to purchase more of that item. Or, you may find a particular user that has engaged with many items within your closet. We often see that with repeat customers that have had a prior positive shopping experience. As you build your inventory and spend more time on the platform, you will gain a following, which may include repeat customers.

The My Shoppers feature has three-steps for follow-up interactions.

Step 1: The list

Click on "My Shoppers" to see a full list of Poshmark users that have engaged with your listings and the types of engagement.

Pro tip: use the filter to narrow down your list by Likers, Bundlers, and Past Buyers.

Step 2: Select users

Be strategic. You may want to select users that have bundled items from your closet or ones that have liked items. Use the engagement type to guide your follow-up interaction. You can also select users that have high engagement with your listings, including repeat customers. My Shoppers allows you to be as broad or specific as you like in targeting engaged Poshmark users.

Step 3: Take action

Once you've selected your users, hit "Actions" and you will see three engagement action options.

  1. Add Likes to Bundle: this will add items that selected users have liked into bundles for them.

  2. Send Offer to Bundle: if your selected users have items within bundles already, you can use this option to send them discount offers for both price and shipping. Note: we've previously talked about setting automatic bundle offers for two or more items. This would be on top of any such applicable discount. This option is also useful if you want to offer a discount offer on a single item inside a bundle.

  3. Send Comment to Bundle: use this option to send a message to bundles. As I've talked about on prior episodes, bundles open 1:1 chats between seller and buyer. They're a little more discreet than comments underneath listings.

The My Shoppers feature allows you to add scale your engagement by interacting with multiple users at once. You can also use My Shoppers to hone your interactions with single users as well.

The long breath

As I talked about last week and on prior episodes, I manage high blood pressure. It's in my family history and I manage it several ways, including with medication and healthy lifestyle choices. Over the past two-years, meditation has become a big part of the latter.

As part of my meditation routine, I slow my breathing using a long breath technique. I employ an elongated, three-part inhale-hold-exhale method, applying approximately 5 seconds to each part. I do this as part of my cooldown after my workout and cold shower, which in turns slows my heart rate and BP. Following my 10 minute meditation, I measure my BP several times and I find it sets the tone for my day. This breathing technique also comes in handy if I have a stressful or hectic moment and need to detach and recalibrate myself.

The benefits of the long breath have been significant. In addition to keeping my BP at a healthy level, I find myself calmer in stressful situations and overall more centered throughout the day.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor and do not give professional medical advice. Check with your physician if you have high blood pressure and before starting any new healthcare routine.

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