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MF 364 : A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) commentary

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

We celebrate Thanksgiving with a commentary on A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973). Note: There will be no new episode next week (Thanksgiving) and the podcast will resume on Thursday, Dec. 2nd. More at

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Trivia about 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' (1973)

  • Originally aired on November 20, 1973.

  • The special won an Emmy the following year.

  • This was the third holiday Peanuts TV special.

  • Written by Charles M. Schultz.

  • Directed by Bill Melendez and Phil Roman.

  • Lucy has a brief cameo at the beginning of the episode.

Commentary Instructions

This episode is a minute-by-minute commentary from beginning to end. To get the most out of this episode, it is recommended you sync this episode while watching the film.

  1. Step 1: Sync up the commentary before the episode (2:36 if you see the Paramount logo beforehand, 2:53 for the exact start of the episode):

  2. Note: I'm commenting from the DVD which starts with the Paramount logo. If you're watching this on PBS or Apple TV+, your version may not have this. The episode commentary begins when I say "alright, right now," at 2:53.

  3. The Paramount logo appears at 2:36.

  4. The episode begins at 2:53.

  5. Step 2: Enjoy!

  6. Corrective note: I accidentally say "Snoopy and Linus" at 16:47. It should be "Snoopy and Woodstock."

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Charlie Brown - Viewing Options (2022)
  • This year (2022), Apple is allowing people to watch all three Peanuts holiday specials, including A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, for a limited time (Nov. 23-27) for free and without an Apple TV+ subscription. Details are below in several articles:

  • NPR

  • USA Today

  • CBS News

Viewing Options (2021)

  • All of the classic Peanuts specials are available to stream on Apple TV+ with a subscription.

  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will air on Sunday (November 21, 2021), 7:30 pm ET on PBS.

  • You can also purchase the special on physical media from Amazon (affiliate link).

  • Corrective note: I mention in the beginning of the episode that affiliate links are available to purchase this special on physical media or streaming. Amazon no longer has the streaming version as Apple TV+ has the exclusive streaming rights so you can only purchase the physical media version at this time.

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