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MF 357 : A wishlist of 5 features I'd like to see on Poshmark

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Today, we wrap up the Poshmark mini-series update with a wishlist of 5 features I'd like to see in the future. More at

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Poshmark features wish list

Over the past two years, Poshmark has added some big enhancements that we've covered on the mini-series. Stories, video, and more recently, bulk listing actions are making it a more sophisticated seller platform and an attractive option for small retail businesses.

Looking ahead, here are five enhancements I would like to see in the future. These are borne out of our experiences on the platform plus feedback from customers. I've ranked these in order of importance and preference.

1. Select all (bulk listings share)

The ability to bulk share listings has been on my wish list since our early days on the platform. As we grew our store to several hundred, and now over 1200 active listings, sharing items individually became increasingly time-consuming, not to mention hard on the fingers. With bulk share, sellers can now check off items and share them simultaneously. It's 90% perfect. A "select all" button would add that extra 10%.

2. A buyer waiver option for the 3 hour hold for full price purchases

Currently, when a buyer purchases an item at full price, he or she has three hours to change their mind. During that hold period, sellers cannot ship and confirm packages. The idea behind this is sound. Give buyers a fail safe in case they click the wrong button. In our experience, most mistaken purchases are cancelled within the first hour. Three hours is excessive and it ties the seller's hands if a buyer wants the seller to send out immediately. In certain situations (eg a late Friday purchase), this can impact delivery times. Either reduce the hold time to 1 hour or better yet, give the buyer a waiver option so sellers can send out full price purchases immediately.

3. Multiple colors / patterns for single listings

Poshmark gets an A for a simple listing interface that makes size variations a snap. Surprisingly, this was one of the most difficult things to do on other ecommerce platforms, including Amazon FBA and Shopify. Poshmark makes this is a breeze with simple pulldown menus and fill-in-blank slots for quantity. However, listing color variations requires separate listings. The ability to add multiple colors and patterns options within a single listing (eg ties, scarves), would bump this up to an A+.

4. Sub-accounts

Increasingly, I'm seeing more duos and team-ups with Poshmark. I work with my dad for his retail shop and my friend Izzy recently launched a shop with her sister-in-law Rose. Sharing a Poshmark account means sharing the log-in and all of the information contained within. The ability to add a sub-account log-in that limits the amount of actions and information a user can access will make partnering and outsourcing an even better experience. Moreover, this will make Poshmark a more attractive B2C (business-to-customer) platform for ecommerce; particularly small retail stores with employees.

5. Overnight shipping

With our line of bridesmaid dresses, we often get last minute purchases for upcoming weddings. Recently, we had a bridesmaid in Florida that needed a replacement dress sent to her immediately before traveling out to a wedding. Thankfully, we were able to get the package out on a Friday afternoon and she received it on Monday, well before her Wednesday flight. However, other times, we've lost sales because of customers who needed items the next day. Currently, to upgrade to overnight shipping would require us to foot the bill, which would be cost prohibitive for many items. Given the number of requests from customers willing to pay for overnight shipping, it would be a nice-to-have option.

Poshmark has come a long way since we started in 2018 and I'm excited to see what's next as it adapts, grows, and evolves.

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