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MF 336 : Style tags and shipping hacks on Poshmark

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Today, I cover Poshmark's new style tags feature and share some shipping hacks to save you time. More at

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The "hashtag" of Poshmark listings

Poshmark is on a tear right now when it comes to platform enhancements. Over the past few episodes, we covered adding videos to your listings (MF 330) and the new shipping discounts features (MF 334). Recently, as I was updating a listing, I noticed that Poshmark has added a new line item within the descriptions section of listings.

Towards the bottom, you will see a section called "style tags." Click on it and you will open up a pre-populated list of tag words based on color, pattern, or fabric type. You can also manually type in your own. For instance, one of our recent listings is a three piece men's tuxedo with a gold-ivory jacket against a paisley pattern. I was able to add the tags "paisley," "gold," which were on the pre-populated list, and while "ivory" was not one of the options, I discovered I could manually type it in.

Style tags are not mandatory but it took me all of two seconds to add these in. The tags further enhance the description of a listing and it's a feature we'll use from this point forward.

What do style tags do? My guess is that they serve an indexing function for searchability. Similar to a hashtag, Poshmark is creating a taxonomy of search words to enable sellers to tag their items. This will enable greater and more precise searching for buyers. I'm also guessing that style tags will allow the platform to better showcase listings to buyers based on browsing and purchasing history. Last fall at PoshFest 2020, CEO Manish Chandra explained that one of his goals to make the platform smarter. Specifically, the company wants to make the platform's algorithm better able to highlight listings to groups of buyers that are its optimal target market. In that regard, style tags can provide an important data point towards achieving that goal.

A hidden shipping hack

I'm constantly learning more about the Poshmark platform. This doesn't just include new features like video or style tags but existing ones that I didn't realize were already there.

When it comes to shipping, we've covered the ins and outs of packing slips, mail labels, USPS tracking, boxes and more. Check out the Poshmark mini-series for a more detailed review of shipping basics. In our business, we regularly take packages to our local USPS post office since we have two hubs that are close by. Some days, if the line isn't long, I'll take it to the service person at the front desk. Other days, and more recently during this pandemic, I try to avoid crowds and lines and use the kiosk to scan packages and drop them into the location's package tumbler or leave them at the counter. However, if you're just starting on Poshmark or doing this as a side hustle within a busy schedule, going to the post office may not be convenient or feasible.

As an alternative to physically taking your packages to USPS, you can schedule a free pickup. I didn't realize this until this week, but when you receive an email with your packing slip, towards the bottom there is a link for a "USPS package pickup." The link takes you to a form to schedule someone from USPS to come and pick up your package.

If you have a steady stream of sales, you may want to talk to your local USPS office or your USPS mail person to see if they can pick up packages as part of their regular mail delivery service without having to use the form. Not all mail carriers can do this, especially if they're on foot. However, if your mail person drives to your location, he or she may be able to do this for you. Ask, don't assume. Also, be sure to arrange a safe, secure way for them to pick up packages from you. Regardless, you now have an option to schedule a pick up through the link that comes in every Poshmark confirmation email.

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