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MF 334 : Poshmark's new shipping discounts feature

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Today, I go into Poshmark's new shipping discount features. More at

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Poshmark free shipping mystery solved!

Last week, I briefly discussed Poshmark's new free shipping feature for items above a certain list price. At the time, I wasn't sure what the threshold was and couldn't find it documented online. This week, I decided to do a little detective work using our own Poshmark store. I collated items up to $500 and sorted them from most expensive to least. I soon discovered that $500 / + is the point at which free shipping automatically applies and I believe that Poshmark eats the cost of shipping at that level..


Additionally, Poshmark now allows sellers to offer shipping discounts for any listings below $500 at the outset. When you create a listing, you now have the option to discount part or all of the shipping costs, which is deducted out of your proceeds. [Note: the item must have a listing price that is greater than the cost of shipping to enable a discount.]

Free shipping options for new listings.

Prior to this, shipping discounts could only be applied by the seller during a negotiation or sale. Now, for higher end items, free shipping is a given and for items below $500, seller's can add a shipping incentive which can win over buyers that are on the fence.

Features like video and free shipping are making Poshmark that much more competitive with the big players like Amazon Prime, which has been a standard bearer for ecommerce success. For more tips, best practices, and hidden features on Poshmark, check out the Poshmark mini-series.

Check out the Poshmark mini-series

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