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MF 333 : Random musings on vaccines, Poshmark, PB&J, and Married at First Sight

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Today, I give random thoughts and updates on Poshmark, food and TV shows. More at

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Thursday hodgepodge


I'm doing a little time travel today. I'm in the future now; two days from the time of recording episode 333. I was just talking about anticipating my first vaccine shot amidst hearing the news about the CDC and the FDA putting a temporary stop on the JJ one-shot vaccine.

Thankfully, I can tell my Tuesday self that all went well. I got my first shot this morning at one of Johns Hopkins' Medical Center's satellite campuses and the staff couldn't be more friendly and helpful. From the time I got off the elevator, I was greeted by a nurse who walked me down a hallway that was marked with social distancing markers. I was handed off to another nurse who checked me in and then walked into a room where another nurse administered the shot. I received the Pfizer vaccine and I'm happy to report that the shot was pretty painless.

Afterward, I was led out to a waiting area for a mandatory 15 minute post-shot wait and hold period. I got my coveted vaccine card and before I left my phone prompted me to schedule my second shot.

My sincerest thanks to everyone at Hopkins for a great experience. If only everything in life could be this well organized.


Over the past week or so, I've noticed a new update to Poshmark. In the past, the only way a buyer could get free shipping is if the seller offered it in a sale or a bundle offer. Now listings that are over a certain dollar amount have free shipping automatically applied, which as far as I can tell is not deducted from seller proceeds. I have to confirm this and despite doing a fairly thorough Google search, I'm not sure what the minimum dollar threshold is for automatic free shipping. I will let you know once I find out but it's another great update to the platform. As we move towards reopening with weddings, proms, and postponed special occasions on the horizon, my dad's shop is getting busy again. Regardless, Poshmark will continue to be an important and permanent part of our business model moving forward.

Pandemic cravings

As this is an episode filled with random musings, on the lighter side, I've had strange cravings during the past year and several months. I'm not sure what being cooped up and adjusting to a new normal has to do with a nostalgic stomach but I've gone through phases, in which I've revisited foods I haven't eaten in a while.

Last year, I was texting with a good friend and she just happened to mention that she was eating a PB&J sandwich. I hadn't had one in over a decade and if it had been 2019, I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought. But all of a sudden, I had a sharp craving for the three ingredient sandwich classic. I went out and got my favorite peanut butter (chunky, of course), raspberry preserves, and nice bread. I devoured that first sandwich and for the next month, they became a preferred lunch option.

Then sometime last fall, I got into a granola bar phase. I bought a gigantic box from Costco and made it a a go-to snack.

Most recently, I had a hankering for Spam. Long before it became synonymous with junk email, Spam was known primarily as canned meat. I came across an article that spotlighted it as the shortage of the month. I wasn't too surprised that demand would be high since it's nourishing, a rich source of protein, and easy to store for long periods. What I didn't expect was to have a sudden a craving for it. I haven't had Spam in a long while and it was never my favorite as a kid, and yet, as with PB&J and granola bars, I just had to have some. Lo and behold, I couldn't find any individual cans at the market, seeing empty aisles. I ended up going to Costco again and bought it in bulk. This was a risky move as I wasn't sure if this was just a passing fad that would quickly leave me with too many leftover cans. But as with the other cravings, I spent the next month eating the stuff, mixing it into stir fry, pasta, and other dishes.

Pandemic binging

My appetite isn't the only thing that's shifted during the past year. I'm normally not much of a TV watcher, save for a favorite like Cobra Kai but recently, I've started getting wrapped up in several "stories." Below are some recent binges that I highly recommend if you need an escape.

  1. Married at First Sight: a reality show, in which three experts pair up 3-5 couples who spend 8 weeks together. At the beginning of the season, the couples meet for the first time on their wedding day and at the end of the 8 weeks, each couple has to decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. This show is a fascinating sociological experiment and surprisingly, not nearly the train wreck it may sound like. Where you can watch: Netflix (one season), Hulu, and select episodes on Lifetime's YouTube channel.

  2. You: a serial based on a popular book series by Caroline Kepnes about a psychotic bookstore owner who seeks love and companionship. There are two seasons with a third on the way. Where you can watch: Netflix.

  3. Peaky Blinders: a period drama about the rise of an Irish crime syndicate set around the 1930s. Very well acted with an intricately woven plot. Where you can watch: Netflix.

  4. Black Mirror: an episodic series with each one a self-contained story showcasing the horrors of technology and technological concepts taken to their extreme. Think modern day Twilight Zone. Where you can watch: Netflix.

It's time to go back now and tell my Tuesday self how everything went. In the meantime, be safe and I'll see you next week!

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