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MF 330 : A look at the new video listings feature on Poshmark

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Today, I take a look at Poshmark's new video listings feature and share my best practice for creating videos on the fly for your listings. More at

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Video changes the game on Poshmark (again)

Last year, Poshmark upped the ante by introducing video stories feature. Sellers could post 15 second videos as a story, similar to what you see on most social media platforms. Video has long been a requested feature and Poshmark listened.

A few weeks ago, they expanded the use of video into the actual listings. Not surprisingly, more and more consumers are buying online and that includes what they wear. It never amazes me to sell a wedding gown or high end coat to someone who has never had a chance to try it on. As I've covered on the Poshmark series, communication, over communication and transparency are the key to sales.

Along with video stories, Poshmark expanded photos per listing from 8 to 16. This year, they've incorporated video into the listings themselves. Now, sellers can post a short video of the item for sale.

In the past, we've answered questions using photos and text but video has always been a challenge. At best, I've been able to upload to an external site such as Vimeo, cosmetically disguise the link using and then post it. It was not a great work-around but the best I could do to showcase an item beyond a static photo.

Now, we can take videos showcasing a more three-dimensional view of a garment. So far, we've used videos to highlight new listings and to answer questions to customers considering existing ones.

But how hard is it to use video? It may sound intimidating when you're already busy enough trying to get the best photos and come up with snappy copy for your listing. After experimenting with a few different ways, I came up with a method that takes about 3-5 minutes.

  1. Film your video separately on your phone rather than natively from the app.

  2. Use portrait (tall mode) since it fits best with Poshmark's video listing.

  3. Film the garment and walk around it to give a 360-degree view (similar to a "steady cam").

  4. Don't film in super HD since that will make the file bigger and take much longer to upload. You don't need super high definition as long as it's decent quality and you shoot in good lighting.

  5. If you can't do a complete walk-around, film two or three separate videos showcasing different angles.

  6. Keep your video short: no more than 15 seconds. Shorter is fine too.

  7. Open up a movie editor app such as iMovie.

  8. Pop in the clips.

  9. Detach the sound (traffic, footsteps, etc.) and delete.

  10. Optional: add royalty-free music or sound effects (iMovie has a library).

  11. Optional: record voiceover.

  12. Export.

  13. Once you've exported your movie, you'll notice it has a different aspect ratio. The portrait video will be surrounded by black bars on both sides making it widescreen.

  14. Edit the video on your phone.

  15. Crop out the black bars.

  16. This will return it back to portrait (tall mode).

  17. Upload the video to your Poshmark listing (this may take a minute or two depending on the length).

  18. Bonus: the video listing will also appear in your stories with a link back to the item.

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