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MF 324 : Introduction to the new website

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

What's old is new and what's new is new, too

If you follow the podcast, you know I use the website as an extension for the episodes and a hub to provide additional content that may be helpful to you.

The website works largely the same as the old one. The main URL is the same: with many of the pages and slugs, transitioning over from the old site.

Navigating the new blog

The biggest difference between the old and the new are the write-ups, also known as the "show notes," which are housed under /blog. I was fortunate that the main blog content migrated over seamlessly from the old WordPress site to Wix. This means, the text and graphics are now housed on the new site, giving you access to legacy materials and past episodes.

What's changed are the individual blog post URLs. On the old site, I would use the protocol: bemovingforward(dot)com/(episode number) such as /302 or /315. This would provide an easy point of reference for listeners to quickly pull up accompanying blogs to episodes. The legacy episodes from 001 to 199 are interviews and were assigned slugs by the guest's name (first name-last name) such as bemovingforward(dot)com/john-smith.

When I ported over the legacy blogs, Wix assigned them more robust addresses, using keywords from the title. Further, Wix's blog URLs use a slightly different protocol. Instead of website/slug, it goes website/post/slug. While, I can adjust the slugs and customize them, I've decided not to do this for the legacy content as there are just too many posts and it would not be a great use of my time. Moreover, even if I go back to using guest names or episode numbers, the address will have an extra /post/ sandwiched in between. As such, I've decided to leave the converted blog addresses as is.

One other notable difference is that while Wix maintained the integrity of external links contained within the write-ups, including websites, Amazon and Audible content, and social media accounts, and more, links to internal content are no longer live. I'm referring specifically to other bemovingforward blogs. I have already started updating internal links for the major collection posts, including the Poshmark roadmap and the podcast launch kit. I've also created a separate mini-series sub-section under the blog menu where you'll be able to access the episode bundles on one page. Over the coming weeks, I'll be adding more collections and mini-series once I've had a chance to update them. As for internal links inside of one-off blogs and write-ups, I won't be updating those due to time.

In that regard, the best way to use the new blog is to start with the main blog site. The most recent episodes will be displayed front and center. To find legacy content, use the search engine at the top-right of the page. You can search by episode number, a person's name, or topic as each blog is tagged with hashtags. This will immediately pull up any relevant write-up(s). Moreover, the site is mobile optimized and loads much quicker than the old one.

In addition, I've customized the 404 error page so that if a user goes to older blog addresses based on past episodes, it will direct them back to the main blog page and guide them on using the above-search bar to find write-ups they're looking for.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how the website transition went and while there are some adjustments and changes, I think the work-arounds have made the trade-offs worth it.

Finally, all of the blog posts are now up to date with the current season, including MF 322 with Rich Perry, MF 323 from last week, and this week's episode.

On a future episode, I'll break down more in depth the pros and cons of WordPress vs. Wix and how to make the transition to Wix as easily and painlessly as possible.

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