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MF 319 : Angelo Spenillo shares the “metal way” to make career transitions

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Angelo Spenillo returns to share 2020 lessons from his book “I Am a Professional Metalhead” and how you can stay positive during tough times. More at

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Changes, the “metal way”

Since I last spoke with Angelo, he changed jobs, assuming a new role as general counsel for a different tech company. His job will make full use of his skills and experience in helping companies grow and mature. The job will also take him to new heights, literally, as his new position is based in Colorado. Currently, he is straddling two locations each month with plans to permanently relocate with his family to Colorado within the next year and a half.

I asked Angelo to share the biggest lesson from his book, “I Am a Professional Metalhead,” that guided him in making this big change. For Angelo, it was a simple yet oft overlooked principle of asking yourself whether you’re happy in your current role. As detailed in his book, happiness isn’t simply about more money or accolades but whether the job or career path is fulfilling and challenging.

While this sounds simple, even commonsensical, it’s not a path many of us follow; opting instead to stay in one job or company too long. If you read Angelo’s book, you’ll discover that he’s never based his life on complacency or what feels “comfortable.” As his tastes in metal music have evolved, so has his career. This has meant taking calculated risks, sometimes stretching himself well beyond his comfort zone to try something new.

It also means rolling with the punches.

Ironically, Angelo took this new role in part because his former job was almost all home-based, even before the pandemic. Angelo missed the dynamics of working in an office and the relationships that come with it. However, as soon as Angelo signed on the dotted line, 2020 threw another curve ball and for now, Angelo’s is starting his new job without the lure of an office to go to. Regardless, once the pandemic is over, Angelo is looking forward to embracing the challenges and opportunities, familiar and unknown, that come from working in an office environment.

Celebrating a one year book anniversary in a very “metal way”

As of the airing of this episode, we are at the one-year anniversary of the publication of his book, “I Am a Professional Metalhead,” which came out a year and a day ago. It debut at the top of his category on Amazon and has since been listed as one of the top books on heavy metal by Book Authority, and this year, won the silver medal Axiom award in the category of business fable. As Angelo shares, this is a perfect category as it’s not just a business or career book but his life that’s at the heart of the story.

Finally, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Angelo to record his audiobook, which came out last spring, several months earlier than originally planned. You can listen to our conversation about the audiobook on episode 291.

Holiday plans

As 2020 has presented a lot of challenges and shifts, Angelo is looking forward to a low key holiday with his wife and kids. This includes spending less time on social media and email, something I talked about on episode 318.

Angelo reminds us don’t let what others post on social media fool you into thinking you’re not doing enough. Just making it through another day, another week is accomplishment enough.

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