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MF 316 : A look at and other favorite digital tools

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Today, I cover some of my favorite digital tools for blogs and podcasts. More at

Moving Forward is also available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

Favorite digital tools

Today, I want to share some of the digital tools I use regularly as an author, podcaster, and content creator for social media posts and general organization. All of these have free and premium versions. Thus far, I’ve stuck to the free versions, which have plenty of robust features. is best described as a cross between a landing page and a stripped down website. Simply put, a allows you to create a list of “buttons,” each connected to a URL. You designate a /slug which you can tie to your name or branding. For example, mine is You can also upload a headshot or logo and choose from a variety of color options.

If you’re on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll notice that it allows you one link within your bio. Twitter will allow you a little wiggle room within your bio text but IG is pretty strict. Links not in the designated bio field will not hyperlink. Often, this means you’ll have to rotate links out depending on what it is you’re highlighting at the moment.

Setting up a allows you to have one static link with a menu of different sites. Take a look at mine and you’ll see all of my major content from the podcast and blog to my books, my TEDx talk, and more.

I’ve seen a number of authors and content creators using for their bio links and the free version allows you an unlimited number of links.

If you’re a student or job seeker, a can serve as a makeshift virtual resume. You can upload your pdf resume on Dropbox or Google Drive then link it within your tree.

Additionally, if you have a domain, you can redirect it to a so that www (dot) domain (dot) com can be your main link and the can hold all of the content links.

Be aware, there are limits to using First, it can only house live URLs. You currently can’t post other types of links such as phone numbers or email addresses. If you simply want to list those without a live link, you can create a “dummy” link listing the phone number or email address and have it loop back to your The end-user will have to physically dial your phone number or type out your email.

Alternatively, if you have a website or blog, you can simulate a by creating a one-pager with buttons, including ones that link to email addresses and phone numbers. So if is too simple or limited for you, you may want to consider going to a one-page website on WordPress or another service like Wix.

Regardless, is a great, user-friendly option for those wanting to create a simple landing page. It’s easy to update and you can reorder the links like lego blocks. This makes it versatile enough for you to list your latest feature, article, book or podcast episode / guest appearance. has both a free and premium version. is a great tool for creating call-to-action buttons on links that you post on social media. allows you to create branded buttons, which appear at the bottom that you can link to URLs such as articles, social media accounts, or podcasts and books.

For bloggers and podcasters, this can be a great way to enhance your social media posts. For Moving Forward, I run my blogs through, then create or choose from a list of previously created call-to-action buttons. You can also link it back to a if you want to tie the two together.

As with, there is both a free and premium version. is one of the best ways to disguise a messy URL into something simple. will create a short link with the prefix and you can create a customized slug, provided it’s not already taken.

Typically, I run my podcast blog link through to add a call-to-action button, then run it again through to create a custom link. This final link is what I post on social media.

Here’s an example: Be aware that the slug is case sensitive so make sure you create one that’s easy to type out or grab all of the variations to make it easy for the end-user.

As with the above tools, there is both a free and premium version.

Podcast embed (html)

Finally, when it comes to my podcast, I use my blog as the summary and shownotes. I usually post the blog site rather than the Apple or Spotify links for several reasons:

  1. It drives traffic to my website rather than the podcast channels.

  2. Often, I have affiliate links to different resources or books I recommend.

  3. The write-up contains a lot more information.

  4. It caters to those who prefer to read the information or have a written version to supplement the audio content.

The very top of each blog is a “radio player” of the episode. In essence, each blog is its own radio station. I do this by grabbing the html code from my podcast host provider, Libsyn, and pasting it into the top of each blog. Most podcast host providers have this option.

If you’re starting a podcast, I encourage you to create a blog or website to accompany it. This will sharpen your writing skills but also give you a hub to listeners and fans to find you and learn more about your work. There are free options for services like WordPress and Wix that you can start off with. I always recommend start low cost first then upgrade if you’re stick with it and decide it’s going to be a long term endeavor. Grab a domain and redirect it to your free blog. You can upgrade later to have the domain be the main direct for your website.

More resources on starting a podcast

Check out my recent interview on Rich Perry’s “10-Minute Mentor” podcast.

For more resources on launching a podcast, check out my podcast launch kit.

What I’m reading / read

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