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MF 314 : William Christopher Ford on moving forward with “52 Masters” (part 3 of 3)

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

William Christopher Ford joins us for part 3 of a three-part conversation. Today, Sensei Ford shares his latest project “52 Masters,” now airing on Amazon Prime. More at www.bemovingforward.com.

Moving forward from student to teacher and back again

In our last conversation for this series, Sensei William Christopher Ford talks about his current project, “52 Masters.” Throughout these conversations, William has shared his incredible journey in acting, martial arts, and life.

52 Masters” was William’s opportunity to go back to the beginning. For his 52nd birthday, William wanted to learn from 52 different masters, across many disciplines and backgrounds. The series, which airs on YouTube and Amazon Prime, is a collection of lessons, in which William learns martial arts technique but also engages in a philosophical exploration behind the various disciplines.

I encourage all of you to check out this fantastic series and to find the inspiration to go on your own “52 Masters” journey.

Catch the latest episode of “52 Masters” with fellow Karate Kid alum, Darryl Vidal

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