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MF 309 : Updates on Poshmark: interface, stories and packing slips

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Today, we cover new features on Poshmark including stories and packing slips. More at

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Updates to Poshmark

Recently, Poshmark has added some new features starting with a platform facelift. It’s mostly a cosmetic change that thankfully doesn’t rearrange the buttons or functions. Still, it probably means I have to update the photos in my upcoming book 😒.

In terms of functional updates, there are two worth highlighling:


I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth highlighting again. Poshmark is not simply a straight selling tool but integrates aspects of social media. This crowd-sourced, social selling engine is what makes it stand out from other platforms like Amazon FBA and eBay. Now, Poshmark has started dipping the toe in the water with “stories;” similar to Instagram and Facebook.

To use the stories feature, you can use a still image (eg one of your listings) or upload a short video. For now, I default to a standard video highlighting our breadth of listings and use the text feature to highlight our shipping times. However, the possibilities are endless. I can see this becoming a major advantage for proactive sellers who are already social media savvy.

Packing slips

When it comes to Poshmark, the “sexy” features like stories and additional photos will always be standouts. Less talked about are the behind-the-scenes CRM tools. I’m constantly amazed that a platform that doesn’t charge a subscription fee (it takes a 20% commission from sales) invests as much as it does into admin tools.

Packing slips are simply invoices listing the item(s) purchased. You often see these with Amazon purchases. Prior to this, Poshmark simply sent sellers mail labels. Now, they can add packing slips to items that they sell.

My Seller Tools > Shipping Label Settings > switch on Packing Slip setting

Once activated, the next time you sell an item, Poshmark will send you a packing slip with the mail label to print out.

To learn more about Poshmark, check out the miniseries that I did last year starting with our journey taking my dad’s business online. ⤵️

Additional resources on Poshmark

PoshFest 2020 (Oct. 2nd – 3rd)

I’m excited to announce that I will be a panel speaker at PoshFest 2020. PoshFest is an annual conference where Poshmark sellers gather to learn about the latest developments and share best practices.

This year’s event will be virtual and I will be speaking about providing great customer service.

The agenda and registration information are below:

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