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MF 302 : Wrapping up the audiobook mini-series

Updated: Feb 9

Today, we wrap up the audiobook mini-series. More at

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Audiobook mini-series wrap up

Over the past two months, we’ve covered some of the ins and outs on recording and creating an audiobook. If you’re new to this podcast series, below is the roadmap to the audiobook mini-series. I recommend you start with episode 291, which is a conversation between Angelo Spenillo and me on the process we went through to create the audiobook for his book, I Am a Professional Metalhead.

MF 291 : A conversation with Angelo Spenillo on audiobooks, and being a metalhead

The official mini-series starts with episode 294 and runs through to 302, excluding 300 and 301.

MF 294 : Should you record an audiobook?

MF 295 : Creating a workflow and agreement with an author for an audiobook

MF 296 : The equipment and work environment for recording an audiobook

MF 297 : Software settings for recording an audiobook

MF 298 : Best practices for doing audiobook narration

MF 299 : Preparing your audiobook files for Audible

MF 414 : The Poshmark Guide audiobook edition is now available!

Submission notes and reminders

As you submit your files to ACX Audible, make sure to go over the checklist to ensure that your files meet with their standards, both technical and quality assurance wise.

As you upload your files, you (if you’re self-publishing your own audiobook) or the person submitting the files, will have the choice of exclusive distribution through Audible or expanded to other audiobook channels and outlets, including Apple. This will impact the royalties so look that over before you decide since once you choose an option, you cannot change it.

For pricing, Audible sets the price based on audiobook length. Keep in mind, most audiobook listeners subscribe to Audible rather than buy individual audiobooks and use their credits to get new titles. Audible also gives you (or whoever submits and publishes the audiobook), the option for an affiliate or “bounty” link which allows you to promote a trial subscription to Audible along with a free audiobook title. You can put this on your blog or share on your social media channels and is a great marketing tactic for promoting your audiobook.

Remember, Audible is busy right now and ACX may take up to 30 days to review and approve or reject your audiobook. This doesn’t mean that it will take 30 days but be prepared to wait up to 30 days. If the audiobook is rejected on the first attempt, you or the person submitting it will be notified by email. Look over the reasons and address them before submitting again. Once you re-submit the audiobook, the clock resets to another “up to” 30 day period. For Angelo’s audiobook, the first attempt was bounced back within 2 weeks or so for two minor technical reasons. Thankfully, the book was approved within about 4 days after the second submission, so all in all, the entire process took about 2.5 weeks from first submission to actual publication.

The Poshmark Guide for Individuals and Small Businesses audiobook editions

Get Angelo’s book I Am a Professional Metalhead

Spotify playlist for I am a Professional Metalhead

Get the Audiobook for free with a trial to Audible

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