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MF 300 : An unexpected visitor on a Friday

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Today, we celebrate episode 300 with the story of an unexpected visitor on a Friday morning. More at

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An unexpected visitor on a Friday morning

For episode 300, I wanted to take a break from the audiobook miniseries and share something that happened a week and a half ago, on Friday morning. Below is a copy of my Facebook post that explains the story:

What a day! This morning came to my dad’s shop and found this injured baby bird near the entrance stairs. He crawled over to a corner with his beak open and I couldn’t tell if he was still alive. I sprinkled some water on him and he started chirping. I googled places to take him and thankfully found Frisky’s ( a nearby non profit wildlife sanctuary. We carefully put him in a box and I drove him there. All the while I kept checking in on him. He was lying still but breathing. I told him to hang in there and said a little prayer to give him strength for the journey. When I got there and parked he started chirping loudly as if he knew he was going to be safe!The wonderful person running the sanctuary inspected him and identified him as a baby robin. They’re going to take care of him and release him back to the wild when he’s better. Many thanks to Frisky’s wildlife sanctuary for all the great work they do to help injured animals recuperate and return to the wild. Just made a donation ( and hope you will consider making one too or to your local wildlife sanctuary. ❤️🐦

In these uncertain times…

It’s important than ever to be cognizant of our little companions. If you see an injured bird or other animal contact your nearest wildlife sanctuary. Exercise caution and I recommend that you read some guides on proper handling of animals in these situations.

Update (July 29th)

On Wednesday, July 29th, I got an email from the proprietor of Frisky’s and happy to report that the robin was rehabbed into a state park along with several other birds! You can listen to the update on episode 301.

Check out Frisky’s to learn more about their work

  1. Frisky’s

  2. Consider making a donation or support your local wildlife sanctuary

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