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MF 290 : Accessing ebooks, audiobooks and movies with Hoopla Digital

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Today, I expand on episode 283 with a look at how to access your library’s digital content, including audiobooks and movies with Hoopla. More at

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Congrats to Alissa Carpenter on her new book!

I just received my copy of “How to Listen and How to Be Heard” (thank you, Alissa!), and I’m excited to check it out. To learn more about Alissa’s book, check out last week’s episode.

MF 289 : Alissa Carpenter on “How to Listen and How to Be Heard”

Did you know that you can check out audiobooks and movies from your library (while at home)?

A month or two ago, I talked about accessing ebooks from your library using Libby or Overdrive (available for free for IOS or Android). Check out episode 283 for a fuller discussion.

Recently, my friend and book editor, Megan Prikhodko, shared another way to access your library’s digital resources with an app called Hoopla Digital. Like Libby or Overdrive, you can check out ebooks but Hoopla also allows you to access music, audiobooks and movies from your library!

With ebooks, Hoopla is a little different than Libby which allows you to send books to a Kindle account or device. Hoopla has a native reader so you check out books and read them right off your phone or tablet through the Hoopla app. I’ve found that Hoopla has titles that I won’t find on Libby, including comics and rarer or harder to find ebooks. Hoopla also allows you to check out audiobooks and listen to them right off your device. You simply check out the ebook or audiobook and you get to borrow them for 21 days, after which they will automatically return. You can also return early too.

Finally, Hoopla is where you can rent digital movies, which you may not even be aware is possible! I wasn’t until recently.

With Hoopla, you’ll find many titles. As with books, you simply search, locate and check out. Movies have a three-day window after which they will return automatically. Just be aware that they won’t necessarily have the most recent Hollywood blockbusters. It all depends on your library’s collection.

However, Hoopla is great if you’re looking for a classic title or an indie film.

Hoopla also has an app available for streaming boxes like Roku or smart TVs so you can watch rentals right on your big screen.

You’re allowed 10 digital checkouts per month with Hoopla so if you’re looking for a great way to keep entertained or learning, this is a great no cost option.

Be sure to check out my past episodes on making use of your library’s digital resources:

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