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MF 278 : Updates on books, Poshmark, tech detox, and dating

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

In this episode, I give a February update on several areas including the release of my new book, Poshmark, the tech detox, and dating. More at www.bemovingforward.com.

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It’s only February but it feels like half the year has already gone by!

Today, I’d like to do a check-in (I know, I know, it’s only February) but a lot has happened over the past month and week, so I thought I would do a check-in while providing some useful updates and hacks for you as you move forward.


I did it! Somehow, I managed the impossible and released a second book in less than a year from the first one. This all started as a conversation, around this time, in 2017 just as the article I was featured in on Cracked.com reached 100,000+ views. The article only skimmed the surface so we pondered a question:

Why don’t we write a book?

We embarked on the long journey of recounting what happened in those days, organizing, collating it, getting into a sloppy first draft and bringing on board a brilliant editor.

The result was conjoined twins.

We had a book that was too long. So, we did the unthinkable and separated the twins.

These books were a tremendous amount of working, requiring a juggling of schedules, coasts and more. You can learn how we pulled this off in the book writing mini-series which I did last year on the podcast.

MF 252 – 255 : Book writing mini-series wrap up

Get a lot of colorful sticky notes

Biggest challenge

Now that we have two books, we have double the marketing. As I covered last year, writing a book is hard enough but it’s only the beginning. Once you’re done and out there, your work is just beginning. We not only have to continue promoting the first book but also build awareness for this new one, which serves as both a sequel to the first but can also stand on its own.

Biggest reward

In February 2017, this was a pipe dream that seemed way out of reach. Today, it’s two books that tell a complete story.


We’re approaching our 200th sale and it was just last spring that we celebrated sale 100. We’re continuing to build out on the platform and if you follow the news, you’ll know that Poshmark has become a platform that is competitive with the likes of Amazon and eBay. The difference is, is that Poshmark is really honed in on the clothing niche with tools and features that are lacking in the larger, more broad-based selling platforms.

You can check out the Poshmark mini-series here:

The Poshmark mini-series roadmap

In 2020, there are three big updates to Poshmark that are worth noting:

  1. International: Poshmark has made its first bridge to international markets, expanding into Canada. Over the coming months and years, we will likely see more international markets, making it a global shopping and selling platform.

For more on Poshmark, check out last year’s mini-series.

  1. Home goods: Poshmark is also branching out to other items, including home goods.

For more on Poshmark, check out last year’s mini-series.

  1. Financing and installment plans for buyers: Finally, and perhaps, the biggest gamechanger of all IMO, is the ability for buyers to finance their purchases through installment plans. This was one of the most frequently asked questions we got for high-end items over the past year and a half and I’m thrilled that Poshmark has stepped up to add it. It’s the one feature that really makes it stand out compared to other platforms.

Biggest challenge

For us, it’s inventory management since we Poshmark as a B2C channel for my dad’s retail store. We now have to manage 1000 listings which means keeping track of which items we sell in-store and removing those from Poshmark if listed.

Biggest reward

Branching out to reach new customers in different parts of the country. This has helped us evolve and adapt the business to address the changing habits of consumers.

Tech detox

Check out last week’s episode on how I got started:

MF 277 : Unplugging from my phone and computer

Since the weekend I “unplugged” from my phone and computer, I’ve changed my habits when it comes to my devices. I now check texts, emails, and social media on a more regimented, time-limited schedule. I also keep the notifications off and use the “do not disturb” while driving feature to ensure I don’t fall into the temptation to peek at my phone while driving.

So far, I’m loving this. It’s not easy and like any discipline, takes practice and being intentional. But, I find myself less reactive, more patient and present.

Biggest challenge

Resisting the urge to check my phone every few minutes.

Biggest reward

Being less tethered to my devices, which allows me to focus and be more present.


As part of my tech detox, I’m spending less time on dating apps, making it a concentrated 30-40 minutes a day rather than loose minutes throughout the day.

Check out episode 276 where I talk about dating in 2020 and hacks for making the most out of dating apps.

MF 276 : Moving forward with dating in 2020

Biggest challenge

With my smart swiping strategy and spending even less time on the apps themselves, it’s hard to make connections. That’s part of the bargain. If you’re intentional about finding a compatible match for a potential relationship and not just a bunch of coffee dates, you should be matching less, not more. However, a lot of patience is required to keep you motivated.

Biggest reward

As part of my overall tech detox, I find myself less frustrated and less prone to burn out as I’m spending less time on dating apps. This removes the urgency and stress and allows me to simply be open.

Where are you so far in 2020?

It’s only February but I feel like half the year has already gone by. With each day, I work at, struggle, and sometimes hit my head in trying to keep on track. I also enjoy the little incremental steps I made towards achieving those bigger goals and hope you are too. Let’s keep each other moving forward.

What I’m reading / read

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham (***1/2): a great primer on investing and using a disciplined framework that is neither reactive nor impulsive. The biggest takeaway is that investing in the stock market should not be seen as an impulse but a carefully curated activity. I like how the book distinguishes between investing and speculating (big difference!). However, the book overall is too long, a bit complex for the novice investor and needs some serious updating with case examples. A worthwhile read for those who are interested in exploring stock investing.

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller (****): an excellent book, which proposes that focusing on one goal at a time, seeing it to completion is the pathway to success. Moreover, Keller talks about the challenge of identifying the big goal that should be your focus and how to reverse engineer the small steps once you’ve done so. A great book for those, like me, who are sometimes scatter-brained and take on too much at one time.

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