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MF 252 – 255 : Book writing mini-series wrap up

Updated: Feb 11

The book writing mini-series wrap up with a roadmap of episodes to listen to with a recommended listening order. Note: some of the episodes repeat and the order is an alternative to following them chronologically.

Part 1 covers getting started. Part 2 reviews tools and framework for writing a book. Part 3 is all about editors. Part 4 concludes with a deep dive into the self-publishing process and marketing.

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Part 1: Getting started

#MFPodcast 252 will be officially released on Monday, September 23rd.


MF 222 : Figuring out what your first book should be about

Experimenting with a short form

MF 223 : Narrowing down your topic list for your first book

Talking out your first draft

MF 225 : Talking out your first draft

Traditional publishing: what you need to know

MF 226 : Alissa Carpenter on book proposals and pitching to a publisher

Using recorded drafts

MF 227 : Two ways to use your first draft recordings for your book

Mapping out your book (an introduction to BME – beginning-middle-end)

MF 228 : Mapping out your book

Part 2: Writing tools and framework

#MFPodcast 253 will be officially released on Tuesday, September 24th.

Managing your time

MF 229 : Finding time to write within a busy schedule

MF 226 : Alissa Carpenter on book proposals and pitching to a publisher

Book writing software

MF 230 : A book writing toolkit

Book writing hardware

MF 231 : Book writing hardware

Getting past writer’s block

MF 232 : Moving forward past writer’s block

Structuring your book like building blocks

MF 233 : Structuring your book like “building blocks”

Midpoint check-in

MF 243 : Book writing midpoint check-in

Part 3: Editors

#MFPodcast 254 will be officially released on Wednesday, September 25th.

What an editor does and does not do

MF 244 : Clarifying what an editor does and does not do

Finding a great editor for your book

MF 234 : Finding a great editor for your book

Going beyond credentials

MF 235 : More on finding a great editor for your book

Ideal editor workflow

MF 236 : The ideal book editor workflow

Questions to ask potential editors

MF 237 : Questions to ask potential book editors

Part 4: Self-publishing process

#MFPodcast 255 will be officially released on Thursday, September 26th.

Basics on titles, subtitles, and social media branding

MF 238 : Basics on book titles, subtitles and social media branding

Front matter

MF 239 : Breaking down the front matter of your book

Back matter

MF 240 : Breaking down the back matter of your book

Photos: considerations and placement

MF 242 : Considerations for putting photos in your book

Formatting your manuscript files for publication

MF 245 : Formatting your manuscript for publication

Covers and paperback considerations

MF 241 : A primer on paperback dimensions and cover art

MF 249 : Finalizing your cover, formatting your manuscript files, and proofs

Self-publishing platforms and logistics

MF 249 : Finalizing your cover, formatting your manuscript files, and proofs

MF 246 : Self-publishing platforms and the “smile test”

MF 249 : Finalizing your cover, formatting your manuscript files, and proofs

Marketing your book

MF 247 : Getting started on marketing your book

MF 250 : More on marketing your book (pre and post-launch)

MF 251 : Even more on marketing, KDP select, reviews, and expectations


Scrivener (available for Mac, Win, IOS) is a book writing program that auto formats for self-publishing on Amazon’s KDP and other platforms. It’s a great tool with rich features that allow co-writers to collaborate through Dropbox. Scrivener has a bit of a learning curve but I’ve been a fan since 2017 and have talked to many authors who use it as their go-to. If you’re interested in Scrivener, you can use the coupon code MOVINGFORWARD to get 20% off your purchase (for Mac or Win). It’s a one-time license fee and available for Mac, Win, IOS.

Note: this section contains affiliate links and coupon codes for which the author may receive some compensation.

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