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MF 221 : Poshmark series wrap-up

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

On this bonus episode, I wrap up the mini-series on Poshmark and share the two most important qualities for being successful on the platform. More at

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Wrapping up the Poshmark mini-series:

Over the past three months, we’ve covered a lot on Poshmark and starting a business online. I’m going to keep this short and share with you what I think are the two most important qualities or factors for being successful on the platform.

Be responsive:

If you listen to episode 204, I detail why we didn’t have traction on Poshmark in the beginning – I treated it like a sales platform and nothing more. Poshmark is really about engaging within a community. It blends ecommerce with social media. Being responsive means engaging: answering questions, going above and beyond with your photos and copy, and supporting your fellow Poshers as they share your items at Posh parties. To build traction for your store and your listings, you have to invest your time and energy and not just sit back and wait for things to happen. This is the cornerstone for building trust and rapport that lead to sales and a positive experience for your customers.

Be organized:

Whether you list 5 items or 500, you have to be organized with your inventory and your schedule. Many of you are starting on Poshmark as a side hustle, which means you’re balancing it with other responsibilities. As I covered on yesterday’s episode, you can be successful in generating momentum and sales, even if you only have a few minutes a day to invest on the app. The key is knowing your schedule and carving the pockets of time where you can be on the app. Moreover, as I covered on episode 208, you can structure your Poshmark business so that it works within your schedule and not the other way around.

Final thoughts:

We’re still building our business and recently hit our 100th sale. With each sale, I take a moment to think back on our first one last September – it was a pair of blue jeans. We had experienced so much frustration over the past two-plus years, trying to find the right platform and when we finally did, it was a lot of crickets in the early months. When we got that first sales notification, we were elated. I think back to that first sale each time we get a new one. We now average 1-2 sales a day and I think it’s important to keep that appreciation and perspective. Treat each sale, big or small, as if it were your first and as if it’s for a thousand-dollar item. Your attitude and gratitude are important for giving each customer a great shopping experience and making this a worthwhile venture for you.

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