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MF 220 : Managing your time with a Poshmark business

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

On this episode, I talk about managing your time with a Poshmark business while juggling other responsibilities. More at

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Part 1: Managing your time with a Poshmark business

This week, I’m really pressed for time. I’m writing this blog at the end of the day before the episode airs and just recorded it minutes before. I’m in the midst of the final edits on my book to get it out by April 5th and I’m also working on a group proposal for a biotech startup, also due in early April. Needless to say, time is a precious commodity this week!

A question I’ve been asked a lot over the past few months is, what is the time commitment for running a Poshmark business? It’s both an easy and hard question to answer. I’ll start by giving you an inside peek into what my average Poshmark day looks like.


I wake up and hit the gym pretty early in the morning. While there, I hop on the app (usually when on something that’s handsfree like the stationary bike or waiting for the pool to open). I review questions, answer them (or make a note to follow-up with my dad to get the answers) and of course, help close sales or negotiate any offers. Every morning, we have interactions to go through since many prospective customers are on different time zones so questions, offers, etc. come in while I’m asleep.

(Estimated time: 5 – 15 minutes.)

Throughout the morning, I’ll hop on for a few minutes every hour or every other hour, depending on how busy I am. Sometimes, it will just be for a few seconds to follow-up on a question or share an item from a new follower. I often do this while in situations where I have some downtime (eg riding the train or Uber, waiting for an appointment, etc.). Poshmark is as ingrained in me as checking Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn now.

(Estimated time: 1 – 5 minutes per hour or every other hour depending on how busy I am.)


Here, I spend anywhere from a concentrated 10 minutes to 30. If I haven’t had a chance to do an hour check-in, I’ll make sure to follow-up on questions or offers during this time.

(Estimated time: 10 – 30 minutes.)

Depending on how busy afternoons are, I’ll try to continue hopping on for a few minutes every hour or every other hour. Some days, I can do this, others I’m too busy and have to wait until evening.

(Estimated time: 1 – 5 minutes per hour or every other hour depending on how busy I am.)


I spend anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour on Posh parties. If there’s a theme party, I’ll try to hop on but generally, I try to make the 10 pm EST (7 pm PST) parties where you can share any item from your listings. Since we have 700+ listings, it generally takes me a good 34-40 minutes to share out everything and then an additional 10-20 minutes to review any likes, offers, new followers and reciprocate share.

(Estimate time: 45 minutes to 1 hour.)

Big picture:

On average, I spend anywhere from 1 to 2 hours a day on Poshmark. This is mostly because we’ve grown the store with over 700 listings. The bottom line is that how much time you spend is a function of how much you want to invest in a Poshmark business. If you’re super busy, you may want to keep your listings to a select few. Just remember, the more you list, the most seconds and minutes you add to your daily Poshmark engagement (if you want to make the most of having a Poshmark store).

Download my 5-step checklist for getting started on Poshmark

Bemovingforward Getting Started on Poshmark Checklist
Download PDF • 2.22MB

The Poshmark Guide -and- The Poshmark Seller Journal

Part 2: What I’m reading / read

Frederick Douglass by David W. Blight (***): This is perhaps the most comprehensive book on the life and times of Frederick Douglass; one of the most significant figures in early American history. As someone who loves American history (and was a history major in college), I was deeply intrigued to learn about Douglass’s life, from his days as a slave to his career as a speaker and newspaper editor to public servant. While Blight does an excellent job with the research, the writing itself is often dry. This should have been a page turner, given the individual and subject matter, but instead feels like reading a history textbook.

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