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MF 219 : Hitting our 100th sale on Poshmark and procedures for items over $500

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

On this bonus episode, I share the procedures for selling items over $500. More at

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Hitting two milestones last week

This week, as I traveled to Florida for my workcation, we hit two milestones on Poshmark. As I covered in last week’s episode, I decided not to turn on the vacation settings and continue working on the store while in transit. I could do this because my dad is the one who manages the operations and order fulfillment side of things (see episode 216 on working with a partner).

During the Uber ride to the airport, I closed two sales. Then, throughout the week, I closed about a sale a day, spending no more than 30 minutes to an hour on the app per day. As covered in prior episodes, Poshmark can be a great side hustle for business professionals or those looking to expand their opportunities into entrepreneurship.

During my time in Florida, we hit two milestones. First, we landed our 100th sale. This was huge and my only regret was that I was not able to celebrate with my dad, though that’s something we:‘e planning to do this week. The other milestone we achieved is that we sold our first high-end premium product.

My dad’s business caters to two groups: prom customers and weddings; specifically, bridesmaids and brides. We’ve done well with selling prom dresses, shoes, and bridesmaids dresses but only recently started listing wedding gowns. I admit I was skeptical as to whether we could sell wedding gowns, which are much higher priced online. However, we landed our first sale on Wednesday.

Procedures for selling an item over $500

Poshmark classifies items over $500 as premium or “luxury” items. Once you close a sale on an item that falls into that range, the process goes as follows. Poshmark sends you a label to send the item directly to their headquarters. The item is then inspected by their team to make sure it is genuine, in good condition, and otherwise meets with their standards. This protects the buyer from potential fraud. Once it is approved, Poshmark sends it directly to the customer to close the sale.

We sent out the item and Poshmark received it by the time I returned home Thursday night. On Friday, Poshmark approved the item and it’s now on its way to the customer.

When selling high-end items, the same suggestions apply that we’ve been covering throughout this series. These include using good photos with coverage of multiple angles, robust descriptions, and answering lots of questions. In other words, you don’t treat your high-end items differently from anything else you sell. Rather, treat all of your items as if they were high-end.

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