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MF 218 : Administrative tools on Poshmark and keeping your house in order

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

On this episode, I talk about some of the administrative features on Poshmark to keep your business organized and your house in order. More at

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[Note: due to my upcoming vacation, website visitors can get a sneak preview for this episode and the write-up, today, March 16th. The episode will air on iTunes and all syndicated channels on Thursday, March 21st, per our normal airdate].

Part 1: Vacations and priorities

This week, I’m recording the episode a little early and releasing a sneak peek on the website before its official release on Thursday per its regular air schedule. I’m heading on vacation tomorrow and haven’t been on one since July. In preparation for this, I’ve set up an out-of-office-reply, something I normally don’t do. In it, I’ve included answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) such as guest booking inquiries for Moving Forward (which, btw I’m not accepting since this is no longer an interview podcast), invitations for speaking engagements or panels, which I’m declining for the time being, and more. This is not just for my upcoming vacation but part of my 2019 goal of being more disciplined; staying focused on my goals and priorities, which inevitably means saying “no” more. I plan to turn the out-of-office reply into a standard auto-responder after I return with a few minor tweaks. One of the biggest habits I’m trying to break is responding to emails as they come in; something I did back in my corporate days. Not every message is urgent and not every message needs an immediate reply. The more you discipline yourself, the more you prioritize your time on what’s important. I’d love to hear some of your best practices for doing the same.

MF 218 : Administrative tools on Poshmark

This week, I take look at some of the important administrative and CRM (customer relationship management) tools available on Poshmark. As we covered in episode 207, Poshmark takes a 20% commission on sales so it’s helpful to know what the platform provides to you as a seller and why it’s worth it for you. Whether you run an offline retail store like my Dad or an online business on Poshmark, it’s vital that you “maintain your house.” The administrative tasks aren’t sexy but they’re key to staying organized and keeping your business running, and growing.

My Seller Tools

This is one of the most important sections on the Poshmark app for sellers. Inside, you’ll find a lot of really helpful resources, all of which come with your Poshmark account. What makes Poshmark remarkable compared to other platforms, is that its administrative and CRM tools are fairly comparable to what you will find on other platforms that require a monthly subscription fee. Here, you get access to extensive data and analytics without having to pay a standing fee.

My Sales Reports

This allows you to generate sales data over a period or date range. You can see how and when you’ve sold items, to whom, and where. If you’re selling on Poshmark and have been for a while, check your sales report on a regular basis. This will give you a clear picture of how your business is doing and where you may need to put more focus.

Best Practice Tip: As I covered on episode 214, the Poshmark ambassador checklist is also a great tool to assess your engagement levels. Use this checklist even if becoming an ambassador is not one of your goals.

Vacation Settings

If you’re going to be away or taking a break, turn on your vacation settings. This will deactivate your listings, temporarily converting them into a “not for sale” status until you return. Visitors will see a banner letting them know that you are on vacay until x date.

Best practice tip: create signage on Canva (see episode 212) to let your visitors know you’re on vacation. Often, it’s not obvious and you may get questions about why items are “not available for sale.” You can either answer them directly or use a sign to let them know you’re away and will reopen at a specific date.

Shipping Labels

Make sure your shipping info is current and up to date, whether you’re a buyer or seller.

Boutique and Shop Wholesale

If you plan to grow your Poshmark business, you may want to explore the world of wholesale; meaning you are buying in bulk at a lower cost per unit (see episode 212). This is how sellers build scale into their businesses. The tools for “Boutique selling” along with access to wholesale sellers on Poshmark are available in My Seller Tools.


Another section that I recommend you go into is the notifications page. Do this from the start. When you set up your Poshmark account, by default every notification is turned on. This means you’re getting a ding on your phone for everything that happens, including likes and followers. Manage these by switching off and keeping on only the alerts you need. I turn off the alerts for new followers (those add up fast) and leave on the ones for comments, party reminders, and bundles, as those are geared towards sales opportunities. You can also manage your email settings there.


Explore the “My Seller Tools” and “Notification” menus. Manage your store, generate a sales report, and try out the different analytic and CRM features. These will become more important as you grow your business.

Download my 5-step checklist for getting started on Poshmark

Bemovingforward Getting Started on Poshmark Checklist
Download PDF • 2.22MB

The Poshmark Guide -and- The Poshmark Seller Journal

Part 3: What I’m reading / read

Educated by Tara Westover (****1/2): an incredible autobiography about a woman who went from growing up in a survivalist family, homeschooled, not believing in hospitals or traditional education, to studying at Cambridge University. The book deals with a lot of themes but at the heart of it, this is about the age-old conflict between family and finding your own way. While most of us don’t experience the extremes of Westover’s story, you will inevitably find something in her story that speaks to you. Tara Westover is also a gifted writer; allowing you to experience the events and get to know the individuals through her eyes. A fascinating, haunting, at times disturbing book. Highly recommend.

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