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MF 215 : “Styling” on Poshmark to engage with potential customers

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

In this bonus episode, I share how to “style” a customer using specific search criteria. This is a great way to build engagement with customers and provide that one-on-one service. More at

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How to “style” on Poshmark

In this bonus episode, let’s talk about a little known feature within Poshmark. As we started growing our Poshmark store from 5 listings to 20 then to over 100 (and now at 700+), we started getting comments and questions from potential customers that were looking for guidance. For example, one Poshmark user would post that she loved a particular dress but wanted to know if we had it in another color. Another would ask if we had an item with particular accouterments (e.g. ruffles, no ruffles, etc.). Others would simply tell us what kind of dress or garment they were looking for and would ask us for recommendations.

As you build up your Poshmark store, you may come across similar questions and this is a great opportunity for you to build relationships through customer focused engagements.

To “style” someone on Poshmark, use the share button – the double arrow button that looks like this 🔄. In prior episodes we talked about sharing to your followers and to parties. You can also share to individual Poshmark buyers. The tricky part is finding those items that a buyer is potentially looking for, especially if you’ve built up a large collection of listings. Since I’m not a clothing or styling expert and my Dad is often busy, I learned how to style using a simple hack, below.

  1. It all starts with communication. Ask the buyer basics on what he or she is looking for in terms of the basics: size, color, garment type, specific features (e.g. short or long dress, ruffles) and if applicable, a cost range or budget.

  2. Go into your closet and at the top click on the button that looks like a funnel 🔽).

  3. This will open a menu of criteria. Select as many as applicable.

  4. This will narrow down your store to those items and that way you won’t have to scroll thru dozens or hundreds of listings to find ones that are a potential match.

  5. Hit the share button 🔄 on those listings and instead of sharing to followers or a party, type in the Poshmark handle of the specific buyer.

  6. Best practice tip: for additional shares, you will see the individual listed after your first share so you can click on him or her instead of re-typing his or her handle every time.

  7. This will put the item into a bundle for the buyer where he or she can inspect and comment, purchase, or tender an offer.

  8. That’s it! You’re now using your Poshmark listings as a powerful customer-focused communication and engagement tool.

Finally, I want to share a rule of etiquette. Don’t just start styling people out of the blue. I hate it when others do that to us on Poshmark, especially since we’re not really using the platform as buyers. Style someone only if you have a clear indicator that he or she is interested in recommendations. I often ask if the person if they would like suggestions before doing so. Most of the time they are receptive and welcoming. So if you’re not sure just ask.

Happy styling!

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