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MF 211 : Poshmark marketing and inventory management hack plus a great tool for signage

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

In this bonus episode, I cover a way to manage your inventory that also helps with marketing, plus my favorite tool for creating Poshmark signage. More at

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Best practice for inventory management that works for marketing plus my favorite tool for creating signage

As we’re diving into sales and Poshmark parties this week, I wanted to share two best practices on managing inventory and signage.

Inventory management that also works as marketing

As my Dad and I got set up on Poshmark, we realized early on that one of the most important aspects of running his business online is inventory management. As he primarily runs a brick and mortar shop and uses Poshmark as an ecommerce channel, items we list for sale on Posh are also for sale in-store. Thus, we had to come up with a system that allowed us to keep on top of inventory changes. This is what we came up with.

  1. If he sells an item in -store that we have simultaneously listed on Poshmark, he texts me the style number. For more on using style numbers, see episode 205.

  2. I search for the listing using the style number to locate it quickly.

  3. I edit the item and change the availability from “for sale” to “not for sale.”

  4. I then change the title and description to indicate that it was sold in-store.

This allows us to keep the item displayed in our Poshmark store while noting that it’s been sold. It works both as inventory management and a marketing tool. I’m guessing most of you aren’t selling your wares retail and are likely using Poshmark simply to clean out your real closet for extra cash. However, this technique can be helpful if you end up donating an item or have it listed on multiple platforms. Use the “not for sale” listing to keep it posted within your store.


As my Dad’s store built up over last fall, we discovered that we got a lot of the same questions about sizing, size charts, return policies, etc.. We decided to use signage to create posts for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), size charts, and more recently, a shipping schedule. My favorite tool to create signage is Canva. Since Poshmark uses square photos, you can use an IG template or create your own and with Canva, you can access any number of stock photos and text options to create beautiful signs. We also used Canva to create the Black Friday and holiday sale signs that posted (see episode 210).

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