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MF 199 : Andrew Rossow on Moving Forward with Blockchain, Media, and The Law

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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Andrew Rossow is an attorney, Forbes contributor and an expert on blockchain. Today, Andrew will share how an interest in Pokemon Go led to an unexpected career shift!

Successes at a glance:

  1. Attorney and millennial expert on technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency

  2. Former Forbes contributor

  3. Author

  4. Featured on numerous TV and media outlets

Andrew’s story:

Andrew grew up loving technology and developed a fascination with the law. Specifically, he loved understanding the boundaries of technology as he grew up in the age of streaming, downloading content; observing a constant blurring of legal lines. This curiosity led him to law school to study the relationship between law and technology. However, he didn’t have a clear idea of what he wanted to do afterward. While many law students feel the pressure to have their careers figured out on day one, Andrew wasn’t sure up through the time he was studying for the bar exam. Andrew shares this is a common fear and struggle that many law students face. It’s a conflict between the pressure to have it all figured out and trying to learn more about yourself.

Aha moment from Pokemon Go:

Andrew went back to his original motivation for going to law school: his love of technology. He started writing about the law and its relationship to technology; exploring the implications for the end-user and privacy rights. One of the early catalysts and inspirations for Andrew’s writing was the Pokemon Go game which uses augmented reality technology. Andrew showed the piece to his boss who suggested he send it to the local bar association. They published his article which went viral and before he knew it, Andrew was contacted by Fox News and other media outlets to be a featured media expert.

Developing an interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology:

Andrew fell into this area by accident. As Andrew got more notoriety from his Pokemon Go piece, he educated himself by reading as much material as he could get his hands on; attending conferences and more. Eventually, Forbes reached out to him be a digital money contributor.

Andrew’s big why:

Knowing that he has a goal of becoming the very best in his area, meeting as many people as possible and developing great relationships with leaders and founders. Finally, Andrew wants to take his knowledge and give back thru the content he provides.

Biggest challenge Andrew faces in achieving that big why:

Age and experience: Andrew reminds us that he’s young and has only practiced law for 3 years to date. The challenge is going to the next level, becoming the best version of himself that he can be.

Moving forward past that challenge:

Understanding that it’s ok to reach out to new mentors. Andrew has reached out to different organizations including the Federal Bar Association, and an anti-cyberbullying group based in the UK, to increase his network and his knowledge in different areas so he can give back.

Knowledge bursts:

  1. One important consideration for businesses when it comes to blockchain:

  2. It’s not a one size fits all. It’s important to understand your business model before applying a new technology like blockchain. Don’t force technology into your structure if it doesn’t fit.

  3. Favorite holiday gift to give that costs under $30:

  4. Gift cards:


  6. Card Pool

  7. Share one small step or choice you’re making today to move forward:

  8. Andrew is considering moving out of Ohio and relocating to a big city.

Support the Podcast:

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Who is Andrew in five years:

Andrew will be grateful to be healthy, alive, and doing what he’s doing today. Andrew reminds us that you can’t take any day for granted.

What will blockchain look like in five years (bonus question):

The technology will be more advanced and a lot will depend on what regulations will be in place. Andrew predicts there will be a structure in place such that blockchain will be more widely used in healthcare and manufacturing.

Parting wisdom:

“Never give up. Regardless of what people say. There will always be people telling you “it can’t be done” or “why would you do that” or “it’s very difficult” to do whatever it is you that want to do but that’s only because it hasn’t been done or they haven’t seen it done and that should be such a positive to hear because that’s your challenge of saying … “watch me do what I do.” So don’t let negativity get to you, don’t let the challenges get to you. Overcome it and you’ll be golden!”

Connect with Andrew:

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