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MF 197 : Chris Rossen on Moving Forward with ‘System Upgrade’

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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Chris Rossen is a former pilot, military veteran and author of the upcoming book ‘System Upgrade.’ Today, Chris will share how to write your first novel while juggling a busy schedule.

Successes at a glance:

  1. Military veteran: served in both the US Army and US Air Force

  2. Former Commercial Pilot

  3. Solution Architect, Management Consultant, Systems Analyst

  4. Author of the upcoming book, ‘System Upgrade

Chris’s story:

Chris grew up in Texas and out of high school, enlisted in the US Army, later serving in the US Air Force. Throughout his journey, Chris has done everything from fly planes to working as a solutions architect. He spent the early part of his career immersed in technology, both in the military and the private sector. It was during a project on the East Coast when a general mentioned that he wanted a workflow process similar to what was showcased in the movie ‘Bourne Supremacy,’ that Chris had an aha moment. This was the first time he saw the military and the intelligence community inspired by something out of Hollywood. Chris got the itch to write a story about how technology impacts society and the intelligence community. Soon after, Chris also met his wife, Cali, an actress and artist with a passion for creativity, and the two moved to Los Angeles. Chris put his ideas into a screenplay called ‘System Upgrade.’

From screenplay to novel:

Chris initially wanted to pitch this idea as a film but discovered that breaking into screenplay writing is tough when you’re not known or established. The advice he got from his agent and several producers led him to take another path: publish it first as a novel. Chris has been working for the past several years converting his screenplay into his first book.

Hardest part of writing this book:

Chris shares that the hardest part is sitting down and having the discipline to get the thoughts out on the paper. Whereas screenplays are minimalistic, a novel is much more in-depth and complex. This is especially true with character development. Screenplays are more about showing whereas books are more explaining.

Making the time for the novel (Chris’s workflows):

  1. Get up early and write before starting your day.

  2. The key: write what you know and create an outline (applies to screenplays and novels).

  3. Chris recommends the ‘Save the Cat‘ book series which teaches you to establish for the audience or reader, why they should like a character and get invested in his or her story.

  4. Chris also recommends ‘The Writer’s Way‘ to get into the proper mindset for book writing.

Knowledge bursts:

  1. Best writing tip, looking ahead to 2019:

  2. Get up early, meditate, and think about what you want to accomplish. Do this on a regular basis.

  3. Best “system upgrade:”

  4. GSuite: links with calendars and features plugin options for CRM and email list management.

  5. Share one small step or choice you’re making today to move forward:

  6. Keep reaching out to people, develop the networks, and don’t give up. Keep the momentum going.

Support the Podcast:

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  2. Try out Audible (affiliate link).

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Who is Chris in five years:

Chris will be a best-selling author with a series of books. Chris will be flying more and building out a business that leverages more passive income streams and living his best life, traveling, and doing amazing things to make a difference in the world.

Parting wisdom:

“Just keep in touch with people that you care about and admire. Find a mentor.”

Connect with Chris:

  1. Chris Rossen

  2. Learn more about ‘System Upgrade

  3. Twitter

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