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MF 193 : Goldie Chan on Moving Forward with LinkedIn and Purpose in Your Social Media

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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Goldie Chan is a top LinkedIn video content creator, WeWork Global ambassador and a producer at The Producers Guild. Today, Goldie will share how you can make the most out of Linkedin.

Successes at a glance:

  1. Top LinkedIn Learning Video Content Creator

  2. WeWork Global Ambassador

  3. Producer at The Producers Guild

  4. Forbes Contributor

Goldie’s story:

Goldie started in social media marketing 10 years ago. She jumped into it as a result of what she describes as her “first big failure.” After college, Goldie was a published geneticist but decided she didn’t want to pursue a career in biology. Instead, Goldie took a sharp left turn and went into fashion. She created a fashion line and after two years, a big box store expressed interest in carrying her line. This meant she had to ramp up production and find a business partner. The problem was she couldn’t find the right business partner. As a result, she had to close shop. Goldie sat at home playing video games and watching TV. Then, some close friends staged a “friendtervention,” confronting her, telling her she needed a real job. Goldie was faced with a big question “what can I do if I don’t want to go back into biology?” Goldie knew her two biggest assets were 1) organizational skills and 2) being a quick learner. She took a job in social media marketing for big companies and startups. Goldie learned social media thru trial by fire and discovered her calling.

The Importance of LinkedIn:

Goldie has been working with clients including c-suite executives at Fortune 500 companies on LinkedIn for years. Goldie recognized early on how powerful and important this platform would be. The latest evolution has been pushing written content including the Pulse platform for long-form content as opposed to short-form status messages. In the last year, LinkedIn has expanded into video engagement and learning. Today, organizations like Forbes are creating content specifically for LinkedIn engagement.

Goldie’s big why:

Social media with purpose.

Biggest challenge today:

The biggest challenge is keeping up with change which happens constantly: new platforms, new features to existing platforms, and content delivery. Being agile is key for companies to keep their messaging and branding relevant and resonant. The tough part for a big organization is being agile when there may be many levels of approval to go through.

Moving forward past that challenge:

Goldie makes sure her clients focus their time on one or two platforms rather than spreading themselves too thin on too many platforms. For large companies, it’s important to have a clear strategy in place before diving into the content. Stop and ask “why are we making this content” and have a goal in mind.

Knowledge bursts:

  1. Biggest mistake on LinkedIn when it comes to networking and a better approach to relationships:

  2. “Selling:” while LinkedIn is a sales platform, but brand awareness is better than a direct sales approach.

  3. Bragging: a fine line between sharing a great achievement vs bragging about a vacation. Be careful with self-affirmation on LinkedIn. It can be a turn-off and doesn’t necessarily let people know who you are.

  4. Sharing personal posts such as vacations:

  5. Ok if it fits into your personal brand. Example a luxury vacation or someone in the high end automotive industry. Use a relevancy test for your business before posting. Otherwise, you risk diluting your personal brand. Also be careful about posting photos of your kids: always be safe and practice online safety.

  6. Making the most of LinkedIn video content:

  7. Figure out what is it you want to say in your video or series of video. What is the one take away you want viewers to know about you.

  8. New users: keep it at a minute. Be mindful of time in each video.

  9. Check out Goldie’s LinkedIn Learning courses.

  10. Small choice or activity to move forward:

  11. Goldie is being better at cleaning out her inbox across all platforms.

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Who is Goldie in five years:

Promoting people of color and women who are not spotlighted in mainstream media. Goldie will have more content, partnering with big brands, that facilitates this goal.

Social media in five years:

Cybernetic implants 🙂 Options for live documentation in real time.

Parting wisdom:

“I think the hardest part of moving forward is letting go. So I think the best thing you can do to move forward is to understand that we are in this beautiful, unprecedented moment of time that’s now and to move forward you just need to take that first step.”

Connect with Goldie:

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