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MF 189 : Moving Forward with Entrepreneurship and “Moxie,” with Laura Gaworecki

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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Laura Gaworecki is the founder of Moxie Promotion and the Waterfront Tech Series. Today, Laura will share how wanderlust, people, and taking a leap are all part of her formula for entrepreneurship and living.

Successes at a glance:

  1. Entrepreneur and founder of Moxie Promotion and the Waterfront Tech Series

Laura’s story:

Laura is a big advocate of both living a big why and doing so in a city that she has called home for over a decade: Baltimore city. When you speak with Laura and hear the passion and enthusiasm she has for Baltimore and all of its neighborhoods, it may surprise you to learn that she didn’t grow up there. Laura was born and raised in Houston, TX and later attended The University of Virginia on a soccer scholarship. When her athletic career came to an end, Laura had to figure out what to do next. After graduation and shortly after September 11th, Laura made her way to Baltimore, almost on a whim. She had intended to move back to Texas or make her way up to New York but given that the job market was tight at the time, Laura ended up taking a job in charm city as a financial planner. Later, she worked for a time in recruiting and real estate. Throughout her journey, Laura learned how to network, manage clients, market and plan events. As you’ll learn from her story, this led to her becoming an entrepreneur, launching Moxie Promotion and planning events such as the Waterfront Tech Series.

Laura’s big why:

At the heart of it, Laura is passionate about the people she works with. From her experience in the corporate world, she came to the conclusion that she would rather help clients directly than for an employer. Her big why translates into the work she does with the Waterfront Tech Series, showcasing everything from e-learning to virtual reality to blockchain technologies in the greater Baltimore area.

Biggest challenge today:

Remembering that while she no longer has a boss, she has many: Laura’s many clients are what keep her accountable. The daily challenges of balancing a thriving business with a large client roster come complete with every challenge imaginable from managing time to staying organized.

Moving forward past that challenge:

Remembering that every challenge is an opportunity. Laura also maintains a work-life balance by being honest with herself and her clients by setting boundaries and prioritizing her “me time.”

Knowledge bursts:

  1. Favorite resource that inspires Laura to move forward:

  2. Techno music

  3. Favorite tech tool or productivity practice:

  4. Highrisehq: for CRM and managing contacts.

  5. Choice or activity to move forward:

  6. Laura recently bought her first bike and plans to use it as primary transportation to get around the city.

Support the Podcast:

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Who is Laura in five years:

Laura will still be a business owner, maintaining the work-life balance between her work and her family, all while being true to herself.

Parting wisdom:

“You have to get up and make the decision to fight for it … for what you want, for who you are, and that in life for me is I want to be kind, and respectful, and I want to be helpful and I want to love others and I want to give back. I have to get up and make that decision every day and I hope that other people can find some space to do that too.”

Connect with Laura:

  1. Moxie Promotion

  2. Waterfront Tech Series

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