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MF 187 : Evan Wyk on Moving Forward with Brand Consistency, Structure, and Moderation

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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Evan Wyk is an entrepreneur and brand guardian. Today, Evan will share a great three-part philosophy of brand consistency, structure, and moderation.

Successes at a glance:

  1. Digital and social media strategist.

  2. Brand guardian, entrepreneur, business mentor:

  3. Evan Wyk

Evan’s story:

Evan joins us all the way from the UK to share his story. We initially connected on Twitter thru prior guests and the Winnie Sun tweet chat. Evan’s story starts in the corporate world in London. After 20+ years, Evan was laid off from his last job with a global broadcasting company and as part of his redundancy package (severance in the US), he was allowed to attend a month-long seminar with a development agency. Evan worked with a mentor to assess what he could do next. Evan saw two options: 1) apply for another full-time job, or 2) strike out on his own. Over his 20+ years, Evan had built up a tremendous amount of experience with client relationship management, branding, and media. Evan’s mentor summed him up with the label “brand developer.” That was the so-called “light bulb moment” that led Evan to take the second path and become an entrepreneur.

Evan’s big why:

Evan describes himself as a “brand guardian” and “brand developer,” working with businesses and individuals to help them build their brands but also protect their reputations online. From there, Evan cultivates external partnerships all over the world.

Biggest challenge today:

Forging relationships globally requires understanding and navigating cultural and language barriers.

Moving forward past that challenge:

Evan makes it a point to put himself in the other person’s shoes. At the heart of it, Evan starts by forging friendships. He doesn’t always go in for the direct sale or close. Rather, he cultivates relationships as demonstrated by the many connections we have in common, including people I’ve spoken with here on the podcast. By forging trust, delivering value, and developing friendships, Evan is able to move past the challenge of being global in his business.

Knowledge bursts:

  1. Maintaining your personal brand:

  2. Be proud of your brand with consistency.

  3. Make sure the visual content you put out there fits the social media platform.

  4. Favorite tech tool or productivity practice:

  5. Adobe Spark: create posts with visuals tailored to any social media platform.

  6. Small choice or activity to move forward:

  7. Have a plan, have structure and stick with it. This is something Evan does every day and is super important for an entrepreneur or solopreneuer.

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Who is Evan in five years:

Evan simply says he will be better at what he’s doing today. He has a few “boxes” that he plans to have ticked off by 2023.

Parting wisdom:

“Moderation. I believe if you do things in moderation, you can probably end up living a very long life full of enjoyment.”

Connect with Evan:

  1. Evan Wyk

  2. Twitter

  3. Facebook

  4. LinkedIn

  5. IG

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