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MF 185 : Louise Schiavone Talks Journalism and Moving Forward Advice for Millennials

Updated: Apr 23

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Beyond the Interview’s Nicole Behnam guest hosts this special episode of Moving Forward where she speaks with acclaimed journalist and news correspondent, Louise Schiavone, about her extraordinary career and moving forward with corporate responsibility and social media.

Louise Schiavone:

  1. Acclaimed journalist and news correspondent:

  2. NPR

  3. WNYC

  4. CNN

  5. Sirius XM POTUS Channel

  6. Contributing Host of “The Morning Briefing,” “ The Press Pool,” and “Stand-Up”

  7. Full bio and credits available on LinkedIn

  8. Faculty at The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

  9. The Glenmorangie Oyster Reef Project (Documentary)

  10. TEDx speaker

A Moving Forward First:

A couple of months ago, I invited Louise Schiavone to be a guest on Moving Forward after we shared the TEDx stage in February. Louise is a highly acclaimed and accomplished journalist and news correspondent with a long and distinguished career. She has worked for some of the most prestigious news outlets on television and radio and I was excited to have her tell her story on Moving Forward.

Acclaimed Journalist and News Correspondent, TEDx Speaker, Johns Hopkins Faculty, Louise Schiavone

I was even more thrilled when she said yes.

But as I got to know more about Louise’s story, something occurred to me.

There’s a much bigger interview here than simply one about an amazing career.

Louise is a woman who overcame a lot of obstacles in a very tough industry that was not very forgiving when it came to work-life balance or being a mother.

I also realized there was an opportunity for a really great interview about how media has changed between the baby boomer and millennial generations.

As someone who regularly interviews people from all backgrounds and experiences, I could have tackled this interview. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there was someone else would be even better suited for this particular conversation.

As it happened, I was also thinking about switching things up a bit and doing one or two episodes with a guest host whose experiences and expertise are a good fit with a featured guest.

So I decided to invite someone who I knew would be the best person to conduct this interview: Nicole Behnam.

I spoke Nicole for episode 161 last spring where we talked about compassion and putting context into content. Nicole is a journalist herself, having co-founded Beyond the Interview, and she is very adept at using social media as a platform to talk about human interest issues.

While Nicole has done a number of podcasts as a guest, she has never hosted one before. After our interview last spring, I kept thinking that Nicole should do more podcasts where she is the one asking the questions.

On this episode, Nicole and Louise talk about a number of timely subjects including truth in journalism, the challenges of being a woman in the profession, how social media impacts us as information consumers, the challenges facing the millennial generation, and more.

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Connect with Louise:

  1. Twitter

  2. LinkedIn

  3. Watch Louise’s TEDx speech

  4. Louise’s Bio at The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

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