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MF 177 : Ken Tucker on Moving Forward with Your Online Reputation

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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Ken Tucker is the founder of Changescape Web, a company dedicated to helping businesses manage their online reputations. Today, Ken will share some great tips on moving forward with your online reputation.

Successes at a glance:

  1. Founder of Changescape Web, a company that manages online reputations.

Ken’s story:

Ken has an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a graduate degree in public administration. Following school, Ken found the job market wasn’t great so he took the first job that came his way which took him to St. Louis. That got Ken into software development where he worked on full life cycles for two software projects; from engineering to implementation. This opened up an opportunity for Ken to manage the IT services for another company which eventually led Ken into the world of marketing. Ken discovered that this is what he wanted to do: work on the marketing and branding side of things. Ken broke off to form his own company in 2005 and in 2008, transitioned to the digital marketing space. Today, Ken works with small businesses to help protect and manage their online reputations.

Local SEO:

Making your website searchable for the business you’re in and the community you serve.

Ken’s big why:

A local search result will usually lead to a map on Google along with reviews. Ken helps companies increase their visibility and manage their reputations online to better serve their customers. People tend to write reviews of bad experiences rather than good ones. This means local businesses need to put effort into making sure their online reviews are an accurate big picture.

Biggest challenge today:

A lot of businesses feel uncomfortable being proactive in asking customers to write reviews.

Moving forward past that challenge:

Ken works with clients to make sure that customer stories and reviews are part of their daily business process. Ken also advocates that businesses respond to every review, positive or negative. For negative reviews, Ken advises businesses to be careful and try to take the conversation offline so the business can resolve the specific issue.

Knowledge bursts:

  1. Managing online reputation for small businesses:

  2. Get comfortable asking people to write reviews, create a process, train your sales staff.

  3. Books by Ken:

  4. Reputation Management

  5. Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

  6. Best way to respond to a negative review or comment on social media:

  7. First: acknowledge that the customer is frustrated.

  8. Second: demonstrate concern.

  9. Third: take it offline and provide a phone or email.

  10. Fourth: follow-up.

  11. How is Ken moving forward today:

  12. Building a series of sales funnels: building a lot of content educating small business owners and cultivating relationships with potential customers.

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Who is Ken in five years and what is posted online about Ken in 2023?:

  1. Ken will be traveling regularly and conducting his business from anywhere around the world.

  2. Ken hopes people will be saying that he has helped them navigate all of the confusing information out there about growing your business.

Parting wisdom:

“As uncomfortable as it is, the world of online marketing is constantly changing so I think business owners need to come to terms with that and they need to find the best way to deal with that, either get somebody internally that has that responsibility, hire a trusted resource to help you stay on top of that but it’s so fundamentally critical for business success these days that you’ve got to be able to stay up to date with everything that’s changing in the world of online and digital marketing.”

Connect with Ken:

  1. Changescape Web

  2. Books by Ken

  3. Reputation Management

  4. Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

  5. Twitter

  6. Facebook

  7. G+

  8. LinkedIn

  9. YouTube

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