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MF 174 : Paul Sokolski on Moving Forward with a Performance Catalyst

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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Paul Sokolski is a coach and performance catalyst who helps entrepreneurs take the steps to achieve their goals. Today, Paul will be sharing how you can move forward by having the right mindset and environment.

Successes at a glance:

  1. Entrepreneur, speaker, coach, performance catalyst.

  2. Founder of Breakthrough Attraction Academy.

  3. Helping individuals live a life and with a mindset of abundance in their business, careers and personal lives.

Paul’s story:

Paul has had an entrepreneurial spirit since age 13, starting with a carnival in his yard! By age 19, Paul had launched the first of three companies, focusing on restoration and decoration. As an entrepreneur and employer, Paul wore many hats, building his business. However, this came at a cost at his personal relationships, many of which failed. Paul took a break, traveling to India where he discovered that he had to put time and focus into his inner life. Working on his own life led Paul to the personal coaching and self-help space, where he discovered his calling as a performance catalyst coach.

What is a performance catalyst:

It comes down to two questions: how do you show up in the world and who are you that informs the way you perform in the world? Paul works with individuals to understand the answers to both questions to move forward to the next level in their lives.

Paul’s big why:

For Paul, business is personal. His big why is to help others catapult themselves to the next level in their lives, personal and professional. This starts with the two big questions for being a performance catalyst.

Biggest challenge today:

The marketing piece, getting the word out on his work and what he offers to his clients.

Moving forward past that challenge:

Thus far, Paul’s primary marketing channel has been speaking on stages. In 2018, he’s starting to use social media more. Paul also states this important goal: it’s not about building a big list, it’s about getting to the right people. Paul is working with mentors and coaches in the Facebook community.

Knowledge bursts:

  1. Making real change:

  2. What holds a lot of people back is that they don’t “see” the change they want to make. Paul takes a different approach: change comes from what is unseen. This comes down to a basic question: what is your faith, what is it do you believe in?

  3. When it comes to accomplishing a goal, whether it’s a job promotion or the next level up in your business, it starts with knowing that there are people who are doing what you want to do or achieve.

  4. Once you know it’s possible, you have to have a strategy and a plan of action.

  5. Find a supportive community, mentors; people who will help encourage you.

  6. Finding the right mentor:

  7. Feeling comfortable with the person.

  8. Making sure there is a trust, especially since you will be opening up about some very personal aspects of your life.

  9. Ask the right questions:

  10. What specifically are they going to do, the steps to get from point A to B

  11. Be clear about the boundaries

  12. How Paul is moving forward today:

  13. Make a phone call and getting on more podcasts and radio shows.

Support the Podcast:

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Who is Paul in five years?:

Paul is continuing his authenticity in how he shows up. He will be building a community of like-minded individuals, helping them achieve their goals. Paul will also be traveling with his girlfriend, at least four times a year while giving back to the world.

Parting wisdom:

“Anybody out there who is looking to step into their dreams, their desires, start first and foremost with knowing that anything is possible and don’t allow anybody to around you, in your space, to talk you out of a dream or a passion that you had, that’s been growing inside of you for either your entire life or a short period of time. Go after it, it’s there for you. It’s gonna take some work but I guarantee you, it’s worth the effort and you will be so happy and it will be the most incredible life for you. So go after your dreams and don’t ever allow anybody to stop you.”

Connect with Paul:

  1. Website

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