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MF 150 : Sandy Grigsby on Unleashing Your Magical Superpower to Move Forward

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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Sandy Grigsby (Sandy in Focus) is an entrepreneur and photographer whose work has been featured in today’s top magazines and publications. Today, Sandy will share how you can unleash your inner magic to move forward.

Successes at a glance:

  1. Founder, BrioFive

  2. Sandy in Focus

  3. Entrepreneur, Photographer, Specializing in Brand Empowerment:

  4. Work has been featured in today’s top publications including Buzzfeed, People Magazine, California Style Magazine, and more.

  5. Author:

  6. I Am Who I Am

Celebrate episode 150 of Moving Forward:

“I believe that we all have something powerful, beautiful, and magical within us.” @sandyinfocus (founder @briofive) on episode 150 of Moving Forward. **** Sandy Grigsby is an entrepreneur and photographer whose work has been featured in today’s top magazines and publications. Today, Sandy will share how you can unleash your inner magic to move forward.

Sandy’s story:

Sandy does everything! She is a serial entrepreneur at heart, having launched a highly successful portrait business where she not only brings out the best in her clients but empowers them with confidence to create their brand. She is also the author of two books: a cookbook, and a children’s book.

Sandy’s big why:

Sandy started out as a highly sought-after photographer and graphic designer. Unfortunately, Sandy faced sexual assault, harassment, discrimination and abject humiliation working for someone else. The price of putting up with this was her confidence and self-worth. Unlike many of Moving Forward’s guests who found entrepreneurship, Sandy was forced into it. Facing the constant harassment and the deaf ears that told her to look the other way, Sandy had enough. She decided it was time to take a stand. It wasn’t easy. At one point, Sandy was nearly broke with $37.16 in her bank account. Sandy found strength and the inspiration to move forward thru her parents’ guidance and support. Her late father was a shining example of strength, compassion, and what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it. Sandy’s mother was equally encouraging, taking her on a much-needed vacation to reboot and reassess her life. Although this was a very dark period in her life, Sandy found her big why – to empower herself and others. She took the opportunity and risk of entrepreneurship head-on; planting a seed that has flourished and is continuing to grow today.

See this superpower up close with LeAndre’s story.

Biggest challenge today:

Sandy’s biggest challenge today is convincing women of their own self-worth.

Moving forward past that challenge:

Sandy has a magical skill: she is able to see and point out the most positive attribute, that one thing they are the best at. This is a power she uses to bring out the best in her clients during sessions so their portraits show them at their absolute best. Sandy also pays it forward: when someone hires Sandy for a portrait, she is able to gift a session to someone in need thru organizations like Dress for Success and Big Brothers / Big Sisters.

Knowledge bursts:

  1. Inspirational source for moving forward:

  2. I Am Not Your Guru featuring Tony Robbins: this documentary inspired Sandy to attend Tony’s Business Mastery seminar.

  3. Favorite business tool of choice:

  4. Audible (affiliate link): Sandy loves to read but doesn’t have time to so audiobooks are a great way for her to consume great content.

  5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Mason: a recent favorite title.

  6. How is Sandy moving forward today:

  7. “I choose to hang out with the people who are at my level or higher.”

Support the Podcast:

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  2. Try out Audible (affiliate link).

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Who is Sandy in five years?:

A very powerful keynote speaker at university panels who speaks on the topic of women empowerment. Someone who will change the world by helping others. Sandy will also be a go-to expert on relationships, owning your feminity, and photography. Last but not least, Sandy will run a non-profit helping women build confidence so they can find jobs, live better, and move forward.

Parting wisdom:

“I believe that we all have something powerful, and beautiful, and magical within us. You just have to have the confidence to let it out. Don’t be afraid. Everything you’ve always done has managed to work out even if it isn’t a good thing … Everything happens, there’s a purpose for everything and if you look at it like that, it always works out in everything in your life.”

Connect with Sandy:

  1. BrioFive

  2. Facebook

  3. IG

  4. LinkedIn

  5. Twitter

  6. Sandy in Focus

  7. IG

Moving Forward with a new portrait in 2018:

“I love Sandy’s work. She is truly magical. As a former actor turned podcaster, public speaker, and entrepreneur, I’ve worked with a lot of photographers over the years – all very good. But it wasn’t until I met Sandy that I truly understood the power of the portrait. Sandy isn’t a photographer. She’s a lot more. She’s a brand empowerment specialist which is a fancy way of saying she brings out the best of you that’s on the inside to the forefront. If you are looking to make the best first impression possible, click on my photo below and make an appointment with Sandy.” -John Lim (Executive Producer, Host of Moving Forward)

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