• John Lim

MF 046 : SEO Success, The Startup Post Mortem and The Future of Cyber Security Training, with Cybrar

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Successes at a glance:

  1. Founded allaroundthehome.com as a “side project;” providing an information hub to find local contractors.  Sold the site for six-figures in 2008.

  2. Founded Cybrary after recognizing an immediate market need for cyber security and It education.  Grew the site to 250k+ users and it continues to grow by 1500 / day.  Recently went through a round of seed funding.

How Ryan gets inspired to conquer the day:

  1. Early to rise, motivated by the excitement of current projects and a work ethic gained from his grandfather and parents.  Mindset to find a different path to success.

Setback or failure that led to pivot and shift:

  1. Following the success of allaroundthehome.com, Ryan started a company called salesrepmarketing; an online service to market sales reps and drive leads through content provided by thought leaders.  Four-to-six months in, Ryan discovered the business had no traction and the buyers weren’t there.  Ryan learned how to post-mortem the start-up failure: extracting lessons on product life cycle, the difficulties of educating a market and customer development.  All of these have contributed to his current success with Cybrary.

Knowledge Bursts:

  1. Resource or cultural experience that inspired Ryan to move forward:

  2. Marketing Research and Applied Orientation (Naresh K. Malhotra).

  3. Start your journey with a free audio book!

  4. How Ryan stays organized and manages his time:

  5. To do lists; writing down the three most important tasks to accomplish for the day; focus on priorities and setting goals accordingly; most importantly, Ryan is not afraid to tell people no.

  6. Favorite app/website/resource:

  7. Podcasts (2-3 / day): Moving Forward | Tim Ferris | Startup Grind | Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders | Mixergy | This Week in Startups | Brakeing Down Security |CyDefe

Ryan’s Advice for you to Move Forward:

  1. Start with the free resources (Google) and dig really deep into the subject and make sure you absolutely love it before you dedicate resources to pursue it further.

Connect with Ryan:

  1. Cybrary

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  3. LinkedIn

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